450 firefighters are still working on the fire near Nice

Monday afternoon, the fire started near Nice, Castagniers, in the prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes. Nearly five hundred fire fighters are mobilized in order to stabilize this fire. The good news is that the fire does not progress any more today, but the firemen are still on the premises, in order to have full control over the flames to further limit the ravages.

The most serious fire near Nice

This was for a long time a case of serious fire took place in the region of the Maritime Alps. The last date of 2003. This Monday, the fire of Castagniers has seriously important. The current balance is one hundred hectares of softwood charred. This is the largest number found in the region. Multiple dwelling places located within a fifteen kilometer of Nice, therefore, have been threatened to go up in smoke, two of which are particularly, but the drama could be avoided. The spread of the flames lasted for almost 24 hours.

A fire under control up here, but not completely

So far, the fires are controlled but are not completely turned off. 450 firefighters are still working flat out feet to fight against the sources of the flames.

For the safety of passers-by and to let the rescue team do its work, a road has been cut off. But fortunately, this path could be operational again as soon as the morning of the Tuesday after the fire. Two aircraft trackers and water bombers are also being used by most of the team on earth. Because of the magnitude of the risks, two fire fighters were slightly affected, but not very serious case.

Wind, drought and temperature rise are currently of the factors that promote several cases of fires in the regions of France. Approximately 800 hectares of land caught fire in Aix-en-Provence a few days ago. But fortunately, the rescue teams arrived in time to limit the damage.

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