500 000 French do not have a bank account

In France, nearly 3 million individuals have financial difficulties. Such is the assessment made by the Bank of France’s Observatory of banking inclusion, published on 26 June 2017. Among them, 500 000 people simply do not have a bank account. And this, in spite of the right to an account. What’s the solution ?

Living without a bank account : a reality for many households

In France, 99 % of households have a bank account. A figure that makes France one of the countries where having a bank account is the easiest. It must be said that owning one is a right ! Since 1984, any person extends denied the opening of an account may, in effect, to appeal to the Bank of France for that she requires a bank to provide an account free of charge.

However, behind this very good figure hides another reality, a little less glorious… according To the Observatory of the Bank of France, there would be 500 000 French without a bank account. Anyway ! Problematic because without an account it is impossible to receive its revenue…

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The bank charges as the main reason

After the comparator bank fees Panorabanques.com you are going to pay on average about 194 € in bank fees per year…. It is expensive ! And these costs, all the French can’t assume… And it is found in the figures of the Bank of France. Among the 20 % of the poorest households, they are 1.6% do not have a bank account, compared with 1 % in average.

There are many banks offering dedicated to persons identified as being fragile. It costs about 3 € per month (36 € per year), and consists of an account, a credit card and basic bank services. But there was a problem, to get it, it is still necessary to be a client of a bank… And more this offer does not exempt of charges for irregularities and incidents of payment such as commissions intervention…
The neo-banks as a solution ?

Therefore, it is not surprising that some of the French are turning to the neo-banks. You know these new players who offer cheap, transparent and without short as possible.

The most famous of these, of course, is the Account-Nickel and its offer – to-account + RIB + MasterCard credit card for a permission – a € 20 per year. As A point of comparison, nothing that this type of card costs more than 30 € in traditional banks. Result, the Nickel is a success ! Since its launch in 2014, more than 620 000 people have opened an account.

But, it is far from the only one neo-bank target people excluded from the traditional banking system. For example, Anytime and C-zam of the Crossroads Bank offer, they also, of similar phrases. And even sometimes even less expensive !… For C-zam, once the cabinet and bought (5 €), the account and the card does cost more than 12 € per year…

Interested ? For more information on these new players, please do not hesitate to consult our comparative article dedicated to the neo-banks !

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