Seniors : no delegation insurance no credit immo ?

According to the comparator by line of insurance borrower borrowers aged 70 to 75 years may find insurance rates borrower around 1 %. And get access to the real estate credit… But to do this, they will need to opt for the delegation of insurance – the group insurance contracts of the banks being […]

The French collect accounts in banks

There is not so long, hold multiple bank accounts was reserved to a certain category of the population : the heads of companies to manage their business and the more affluent in particular. But the arrival of the online banks and new banks has revolutionized everything that… Their offers cloud-based and quasi-free for many. Result, […]

What happens to your savings ?

To plan your life and have a margin of manoeuvre large enough, the best option is to make a savings. This system is old as the world has evolved and is today one of the most promising solutions selected by the most men. However, a question that many are asking is what the banks and […]

‘epargne solidaire : the French do it !

Year by year, the savings is gaining ground ! In 2016, you have invested $ 1.3 billion additional euros after 1.5 billion in 2015, according to the annual barometer Finansol / Cross published on 22 may 2017. As a result, at 31 December 2016, the savings products to finance utility projects environmental and social house […]