Win 100 € by opening an account at HSBC

Win 100 € by opening an account at HSBC until 31 August 2017 ! Earn 80 € for opening an account… Pfff already seen ! This is the sum that all the online banks – with the exception of monabanq you offer. There’s more ! There is the welcome offer of HSBC ! This summer, […]

Make a revolving credit possible for Boursorama Bank

Gradually the banks online expand their range of services. Formerly ring-fenced in the current account and the savings, they start to offer loans and, in particular, the real estate credit. But there is still a product that they are moving away from : the revolving credit facility. Finally, this is not the case at all […]

Transfers instant wait for November 2018

False joy. We thought that from the month of November 2017, it would be possible to make credit transfers SEPA in less than 10 seconds, the European Central Bank (ECB) makes us become disillusioned. In a press release issued on June 22, 2017, the ECB announced that it will take until November 2018 for the […]

Linxo is launching an app “pro/perso” all-in-one

Be able to manage them from a single interface his business accounts and his personal accounts. Some craftsmen, traders, liberal professions or micro-entrepreneurs have probably always dreamed of, Linxo, the solution aggregation of accounts and budget management – did it ! By press release dated June 22, 2017, the fintech which has over 1.3 million […]

Booklet A : +1,30 billion d’€ in may

Since the beginning of the year, in terms of deposits on the livret A, all is well ! Swelling of 1.30 billion euros on the single month of may 2017, this booklet regulated savings will be welcomed 8,58€ billion since January, according to figures from the caisse des dépôts. Same goes for the LDDS (ex-DDL) […]

Why do you choose N26 ?

A real success story in France, the German bank 100 % mobile N26 deals currently 3 000 applications for opening of account by week in france. Don’t worry, all these applications lead – it is far the time of the waiting list ! – and our little finger tells us that it will continue like […]

The mobile bank Soon it is finished

At the same time, it has been warned… as Soon as January 2017, the drafting of the Agefi we announced the end of the banking offer 100 % mobile Soon. Confirmed by a tweet posted on June 21, 2017, it is less a matter of the burial of the offer Soon as the integration – […]