A few concerns about the new law Pinel

The government has announced an extension of the law Pinel, investors have therefore been pleased to see the arrival of this measure. However, a bad news is waiting for you because of the taut areas that will be preferred. This will greatly reduce the opportunities in terms of investment.

The percentages positive of the law Pinel attract investors

The law Pinel remains the system of tax relief more attractive for all lovers of the stone. You can enjoy a percentage comfortable of over 20 % for leases over 12 years. These figures relate only to the metropolitan France, because the statistics fly really for the overseas. The head of the State has the intention of boost, these territories often neglected so that they have real potential. The tax reduction is therefore enormous , as it is reached almost 30% for a rental similar.

A reduction in the number of cities that are compatible to 2018

The French are a so many to break virtually of their money and draw down their savings in order to buy a home in the shortest possible time. It should be noted that the law Pinel allows you to reduce taxes and this is very interesting, especially if expenditures in this area are high. In view of the enthusiasm aroused by this system of tax exemption, the government could not remove it as it was planned on December 31, 2017. The national Assembly has validated a few days ago in this project, but a small novelty is in the program. The law Pinel that you know today will not be that of 2018, because the taut areas will be particularly important. The competent authorities have some concerns, they fear that a mechanism with two-speed start.

The zoning of the act Pinel is the study of several cities in

For the moment, the law Pinel of 2018 will not be at the rendezvous for some of the major cities. However, the profitability is very strong in these areas, but the government wants to encourage the construction or leasing of housing in places that are often neglected in order to enjoy a good dose of dynamism. Requests have been made accordingly so that the device tax is expanded to other cities. The new zoning system is what made the study, but based on the responses, two communes could not be compatible to know Brest and Saint-Étienne.

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