A million users for Linxo : it’s official !

Linxo is the mobile application that has the features of a bank, without being yet not one of them. On the market for a few years, she has finally reached one million users. It was this Thursday, September 08, as the announcement was official. Not so surprising, since after all, the application Linxo has numerous assets that do not lack to convince the users.

Back on the history of Linxo

Created in 2010, Linxo is a mobile application start-up, these new companies that have the wind in their sails now. According to co-founder of the company who sells it, Bruno Van Haestdale, it is a mobile application free. Although a few banks have participated in its elaboration, linxo is not affiliated to any particular. It works as well in France as in other countries of the world.

How the application has she done to attract so many individuals ?

Today, many years after its creation, and its online, Linxo has finally reached one million users. The success is such that no application of this kind has been such a success until today, and especially without having been affiliated with bank providers.

To convince its customers, Linxo has opted for an approach that is rather original to the management of the budget. This is the only application in the world that allows you to plan your budget for 30 days. No problems discovered. With Linxo you learn to better manage your assets. The application can even set reminder alarms so you don’t forget the bailout of the savings.

The information that is provided by the application are relevant and in real-time. It is not a matter of extrapolation, but of exact calculation of your expenses and the consequences they will have on the household. You can make a much better management of all of your assets without having all the time in need of the help of your banker.

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