A Nice, tourism resumed colors from the attack of 14 July

The future seems to thin to Nice after a year of relatively weak because of the attack of 14 July. The French as well as foreigners are starting to book their stay for the next holiday, they seem to turn to the side of this southern city that possesses so many wonders, sometimes, unknown.

The tourists have deserted France to discover other countries such as Africa

Impossible not to remember certain dates which have marked France because of considerable losses. Of course, we have Charlie Hebdo or even the supermarket near Paris, as well as the Bataclan, but the list does not stop at this stage unfortunately. The French have been hit by other situations harmful as in Nice last July 14. The locals have been immersed in horror when a truck has landed on the Promenade des Anglais to mow down the spectators. Since this date very dark, the tourists have been able to discover the joys of other destinations. They have been many to enjoy the pleasures of the hostels of Dakar.

The Riviera is back in the list of passengers

Cities in Africa have been able to meet the expectations of multiple travelers, this is one of the countries most wanted for the next holiday. It is sufficient to examine in detail all the news to see a sharp resurgence of this desire to enjoy new destinations which deserve greatly to be contemplated under all the seams. Some will have a great pleasure to return to the side of Nice. Moreover, the competent authorities have gone to great lengths to restore the reputation of this battered city. However, the statistics are very encouraging, because for the month of December, the colors are again at the appointment. Tourists have revived the Côte d’azur, which heralds a season attractive in spite of this past devastating.

A rise in bookings has been listed in recent months

The impact has been immediate, according to the professionals of the sector, because a fall in attendance has been listed quickly. Of the order of 10 %, it has plunged the market players in a situation dark and difficult, which has caused considerable losses. Some institutions have not managed to persist, they have been forced to put the key under the door. The occupancy rate could increase at the beginning of the year, bookings for April/May were also positive, but these are especially the figures for July/August which are the most anticipated. The authorities have therefore focused on promotions very intense, they were spread abroad with fervor to regain the trust of all the tourists.

The Italians and the Americans are back for their holidays on the side of Nice

The city of Nice once was trusted by the Asians, the Americans and the Italians, but since that tragic date, they have somewhat deserted in order to enjoy in other countries. Since the beginning of 2017, they seem to be back in the south of France to the delight of traders who are in need of this attendance to be sustained. If the numbers are not those expected for the new season, there are great chances that impact very harmful to be listed in the long term. The inhabitants hope that 2017 will be a year of rejoicing, but the first signals are in their favour. However, it will take several months to know if the trend of yesteryear is back at the rendezvous.

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