Account + CB connected : the neo-bank Morning wakes up

Morning is back ! You know, the fintech toulouse (ex-Payname), which promised a year ago to ” wake up the bank “. Well after a few financial worries, and his redemption by the Bank Edel – subsidiary of E-Leclerc – the neo-bank Morning has finally launched on June 15, 2017, in its account of payments to individuals. Finally ! What does it involve ? Can it compete with the offerings of the other neo-banks ? Investigation.

Morning account paiementLe account Morning put on the cobanking

“It’s been a while we hadn’t taken the word here to give you our news,” says Morning. And for good reason, since its acquisition by the Bank Edel beginning 2017, for we had not heard a lot of talk about the start-up of toulouse. End of radio silence ! Morning unveiled on June 15 its offer of accounts for individuals.

Of the accounts which, true to the spirit of fintech, based on the ” cobanking “. Yes, they too – just like the jackpot online and transfer money between individuals : activities original Morning – aimed at ” creating the links “, to ” conduct joint projects with [his] family, [his] friends and why not with [her] roommates “.

Concretely, Morning has declined his offer of an account in 4 formulas – Pay, Jump, Protect, Welcome. These offers consist of a base of products, common and free. Namely :

  • An account “ibanisé” to make transfers of money between accounts in the Morning. It is also assumed that from this account, it is possible to send and receive wire transfers from any current account
  • A prize pool to fund personal projects
  • The exchange of money between the community Morning

Note, however, that the MasterCard is paid. And its price depends on the form of account chosen.

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The account Morning : to each his form !
Morning Pay Morning Jump Morning Protect Morning Welcome Opening an account 0 € 0 € 0 € 0 € credit Card 24 €/year 18 €/year 36 €/year 36 €/year Withdrawal from the distributors in the SEPA area 0,90 €/withdrawal from the 3rd withdrawal /month to 0.90 € /withdrawal 0,90 € /withdrawal from the 4th withdrawal /month to 0.90 €/withdrawal from the 3rd withdrawal /month Withdrawal to distributors outside of the SEPA zone 2 €/withdrawal 2 €/withdrawal 2 €/withdrawal 2 €/withdrawal from the 3rd withdrawal SEPA or non-SEPA /month Payment area SEPA 0 € 0 € 0 € 0 € Payment outside the SEPA area 2 % of the amount 2 % of amount 2 % of amount 2 % of the amount /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use “#supsystic-table-351” as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-351 { … } #supsystic-table-351 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-351 tbody tr { … } */
The prices are valid June 16, 2017.

Morning Pay. This account allows you to ” collect, share and manage their money with different groups of friends.” This address, according to Morning, to the “hyper-connected” to those who seek ” an alternative to manage [their] account otherwise.” With this formula, the card costs 24 €/year and you get the 2 indents to the distributor free of charge per month.

Morning Jump to help your child learn to manage his money. In addition to the menu – 18 €/year – this account is equipped with a control module. It allows you to keep an eye on his account and his credit card.

Morning Protect for the adults under guardianship and curatorship. Here, too, there is a function built-in control. Result the tutors can manage and monitor their daily expenses. With this formula, the credit card is 36 €/year. And, it is possible to make 3 free withdrawals per month with the card Morning.

Welcome to Morning if you are a student or foreign worker in France. The more compared to the offers Pay, the interface and customer service are in English and you can make up to 2 free withdrawals at ATMS per month in zone € as well as abroad. The less, the card Morning cost 36 €/year 12 € more than the CB of the account Morning Pay.

Neo-bank requires, the bank card is included in the account Morning, is a map to a permission. Your payment is accepted only if your account balance is sufficient. MasterCard Morning is more connected. From your personal space and the mobile app, Morning, you can choose your secret code and modify it. You can activate or deactivate your card at a distance, the atm withdrawal, online payment and no contact. You can also manage your ceilings withdrawals and payments. It is top ! But not unheard of, the neo-German bank N26 also allows you to do all of this.
Morning vs the other neo-banks

One more ! The market of the neo-banks is increasingly competitive. Account-Nickel, N26, C-zam, or even Morning, all of these players offer more or less the same services but at different prices. Comparative.

The prices are valid June 16, 2017.

Sad fact, the offer of Morning is generally more expensive than those of the other neo-banks. The major difference being the credit card charge.

According to us, the assets of the accounts that Morning are elsewhere. It is their approach to peer very original for the time. We loved the idea of the account to persons under curatorship, and especially for expats’ !

So if you want to enter the era of the cobanking with Morning, be aware that you can open your account and get your card from the July 3, 2017. Opening in 3 minutes, only for the little that you have your identity papers at hand.

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