ACORIS Mutuelles : A complementary health adapted to all !

Because health is precious, find a good guarantee of protection is essential. To do this, the insurance and mutual societies are numerous. Each one offers guarantees as enticing as others. But again it is necessary to know their terms and conditions. A mutual that is listening to its customers, and is based on the needs of the latter, it is ACORIS Mutuelles. If you are looking for complementary healthcare that match your criteria, this is your solution.

Who will address the mutual ?

Businesses, individuals and employees, each will have its share among the offerings of a complementary health ACORIS Mutuelles (to be found on : With its range of services, it can satisfy a wide customer base.

Individuals will find their happiness in the complementary health of the individual. Everyone can benefit from the coverage, regardless of his age, or his health conditions. A complementary health collective is open to businesses and other organizations. The employee who seeks a better protection for him and his family can freely take advantage of a supplementary health 4 other individual guarantees.

But that’s not all ! To the great satisfaction of the elders, ACORIS Mutuelles also offers a complementary health care for seniors. Aware that these are sometimes the victims of selections within many insurance companies, the mutual offers all seniors aged 55 years and over, a guarantee of protection, which corresponds with a fee, as appropriate, regardless of whether they still perceive an income, or are already retired.

The offer of on-complementary health proposed by the ACORIS Mutuelles

It is true that it is good to have a guarantee of protection for his health. And if a complementary health is already helping to improve the safeguards, an on-complementary health puts you more in much better conditions. This option is offered to those who have need of surplus from extended health to better protect themselves. In this part, your mutual, ACORIS Mutuelles, offers Flexéosanté +. It is a guarantee that puts you in the total comfort in case of need for intervention on the medical level, but not only. You can modulate your complementary health according to your convenience. In addition, there is no need to contribute to the third child.

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