Advantage program + LCL : earn money by spending !

You are a client of LCL and you hold a credit card issued by the bank ? Then you can join for free to Advantage +. Through this program, you automatically receive a cashback – literally a “money-back” – by paying with your card LCL with partner merchants ! Decryption.

Advantage + LCLLe Advantage program + is not new, it has been launched in October 2015. What is on the other hand – and suddenly the subject of a press release from LCL – this is the application “Advantage +” to maximize their cashback.
Advantage + LCL : how it works ?

Your enrollment in the program refund Advantage + must be in the agency, an advisor, except if you already participate in the Advantage program. In the latter case, the membership Advantage + is made directly on the site

  • To begin to benefit from the Advantage program + LCL, go to this address : where you are prompted to select and activate the offers you like. And there, at the level of partner merchants, there is something to find happiness : FNAC, Darty, Go Sport, Habitat…

With the#app, Advantage +, you will discover all the good deals around you ! #Cashback

— LCL (@LCL) may 18, 2017

In total, more than 1 000 points of sale, online or physical participate in the program, not only big brands but also of the “merchants area” – added LCL.

  • You then adjust your purchase ” normally “

The amount of the cashback received varies depending on the merchant and type of card held.

  • As purchases, the cashback is accumulated in a pool – accessible via your client area or from the application ” LCL my accounts “.
  • Once the sum of € 20 in the prize pool reached, you can pay it back on your bank account, LCL !

For example, an offer – for which you pay € 150 with your CB LCL – is offered with a cashback of 12 %. You receive a cashback of € 18 in your bankroll Advantage+. Rather interesting, no ?
On the app, what are the advantages ?

Thanks to the new application, Advantage +, you can :

  • Find the best offers of cashback available nearby, filter them according to your needs, or conduct a search by brand or by keyword
  • Take notice of info practices of the shops (opening hours, address or access map and route)
  • Use a simulator to assess the amount to receive for each partner based on the amount of the proposed purchase

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Historically, offers of cashback were offered by e-retailers. But the banks – associated with brands partners, offer very often refunds to their customers. We can mention the program the Great Avenue of the Société Générale or Malicéa to Agricultural Credit. On the side of LCL, which is really unheard of, it is to propose an app dedicated to its program of cashback.

And you ? Have you already taken advantage of similar offers ? What do you think ?

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