Air Algérie – Nice : a low level flight of a Boeing 737

Once again, the city of Nice has been a victim of passage of the aircraft at low altitude on Monday to 11h56. It was the flight AH1040 of the company Air Algeria, in particular, a Boeing 737. After the latest controversy of Turkish Airlines, the niçois have certainly lived a unpublished at the time of this incident. According to the responsible aviation the department of Civil Aviation, an investigation would have been opened in order to lighten this drama.

Air Algeria : panic in the city of Nice

On Monday, a Boeing flew over the airspace of nice exactly at noon for a direct path Algeria – Nice. However, the flight drew the attention of the public, as well as the nice foreigners. This has caused the panic in the city, leading them to question early of the situation. In particular, the flight AH1040 of the Air Algeria has hovered at a low altitude. The latter was quickly spotted by the control tower.

In fact, the Boeing 737 has completely missed its landing. It is in this measure that it was flown on the Mont-Boron. Then, it is passed over the port of Nice to finally finish above the city centre. He had to make a detour on the avenue Jean-Doctor before landing finally at the airport of Nice Côte d’azur.

The measures taken by the DGCA

Against all odds, an investigation was immediately initiated by the directorate general of civil aviation in order to reassure the public. The responsible air navigation service South-East, Emmanuelle Blanc has still put the points on the » i «referring to the aviation code, which says that» The overview of the land is prohibited «. If one remembers well, a year ago this including August 28, 2016, the same tragedy happened with Turkish Airlines, just 200 metres from the ground in nice.

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