Alert phishing : Bank of France warns

You have just received a email from supposedly from the Bank of France in which you are asked to provide your bank details ? Please do not respond. This is the message of the financial institution, by press release dated may 11, 2017, and calls the French with the utmost vigilance. Focus.

PhishingLes banking details are never requested by the Bank of France

Currently, e-mail fraud – that contain the name, logo, and some phone numbers of the Bank of France are sent to individuals and businesses. The excuses used are the invoice to be paid at the ban bank, through the release of the credit, or a letter from the President…, ” warns the Bank of France.

The process is generally always the same : you are invited to click on a link to a fake website of the Bank of France. You can find there then a data entry form asking you to fill in your banking details or ” a page of downloading of files that are actually malicious software “.

They come in the form of e-mails or calls, you should not respond to these solicitations, which are in fact phishing attempts or phishing. The Bank of France recalled that she ” never asked that he be given banking details “.

What we know of elsewhere, it is rather unlikely that the Bank of France, write us mails or call us. Left to communicate with us, we are expecting more than its share of good old postal mail sent to our home…

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Suggest the phishing attempt is not sufficient to provide the bank with the refund !

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Some tips to avoid phishing

  • Upon receipt of an email or a call asking you to disclose your bank details, do not answer
  • Do not click on the link in the email and do not download any attachment
  • Report the attempted scam on the site!input.action

These recommendations are also valid for the e-mails that informs you of supposed earnings… common sense would dictate that if you have really won something, you won’t have to pay anything, not even postage. So, beware of these e-mails and once again, never give your bank details.

Neil Bensouda



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