ALILA group, founded by Hervé Legros, laying a new stone in the Rhône department

With its new home Zen Gardens to Grézieu-La-Varenne, ALILA group founded by Hervé Legros, helping to develop a habitat high-end for the housing arranged to the side of donors, actors in the 1% and their communities.


In the heart of a wooded area and preserved at the centre of the town of Grézieu-La-Varenne, is the Residence Les Jardins Zen offers a set of 53 assisted rental accommodation, including 44 apartments and 9 villas with a garden ranging from T2 to T5. The residence includes 7 specially adapted housing for the elderly.


Performed by ALILA group, led by Hervé Legros, all residential certified Qualitel is intended to accommodate programs rental MORE social, PLAI and PLS (for the collective), and MORE AND PLS (for the villas).

ALILA group, founded by Hervé Legros :

Specialist housing agreement and through high-quality, controlled costs, ALILA group founded by Hervé Legros has developed and initiated in France, a new model of public-private partnership virtuous with donors, mayors, communities and Cities, to assist them in the implementation of their housing policy.

ALILA continues today its development at the national level. In a context of lack of social housing in France its model of housing construction of high quality with controlled costs is seducing more and more. In 2016, ALILA Group has developed 4 306 housing units across 109 programs in 6 regions of France, of which 2 179 in Rhône-Alpes

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