Apple Pay goes to the money transfer between friends

After the in-store payment and online payment, users of Apple Pay can as soon as fall 2017 exchanging money between them quickly and free of charge. Apple Pay Cash – this is the name of this new service was unveiled on June 5, 2017 during the presentation of iOS 11 – the new version of the operating system of Apple.

Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash : send and receive money between users of Apple Pay

You have Apple Pay ? Soon, you and your friends – also equipped with the application of mobile payment – can you exchange money through a simple message. Exactly like offer Paypal, Lydia or Pumpkin !

In fact, as early as this fall, Apple Pay will become a kind of safe, a kind of account annexed to the image of Paypal. Result, it will also be possible to transfer the are hosted on Apple Pay on a bank account. Another possibility, as Apple Pay is linked to your bank card, you will also be able to spend it by adjusting on the sites or shops supported.

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New version of iOS requires Apple to Pay Cash will be available only to holders of an iPhone 5s or a smartphone, most recent. The other limit, in order to use Apple Pay in Cash, it will be necessary for you and your friends have compatible phones and are equipped with Apple Pay. What probably reassure other smaller actors offering similar services…

Owners of an iPhone, as soon as the release of Apple Pay Cash, we wait for your initial feedback !

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