April 2017 : the Booklet Is in the green for the 5th consecutive month

The Booklet Has never ceases to surprise us ! While it was thought to have has-been – the Booklet Has just celebrated its 199 years all the same ! – it is still your investment and fetish. Attest yet to the latest figures from the Caisse des Dépôts published may 23, 2017. In fact, for the 5th month in a row, the collection of the Booklet A is positive in April 2017, to the tune of 1.38 billion euros. Detail.

booklet Has PELPlein sun for the Booklet and the LDDS (ex-DDL)

In April 2017, these two booklets, regulated have received $ 1.76 billion euros of new money. With + 1.38 billion, this is as usual the Booklet, which bears the bulk of this collection.

For the Booklet Is – as for the LDDS – it is the 5th consecutive month collection positive. Since the beginning of the year, the French have filed 8,65 billion euros more on these two books. Result, at the end of April 2017, their outstanding amount accumulated reaches 369,5 billion euros (266,8 billion for the Livret A and product 102.7 billion for the LDDS). It is $ 13 billion more than at the end of April 2016 ! A year ago the stock accumulated was «only» the 356.2 billion euros.

The Booklet Is more interesting than the books taxed and the funds in euros ?

From a purely financial, these results are surprising ! In effect since 1 August 2015, the interest rate of the Livret A (and the LDDS) is only 0.75 %.

But you’re probably not going to believe us – the other savings products risk-free are not doing better !

Well maybe… according to data published on 5 may by the Bank of France, the super-books of the banks reported on average 0.31 per cent of gross this time… In addition, contrary to the Booklet and the LDDS, these books are taxed and subject to social contributions.

Compare the booklets

If often the base rate of super-booklets are disappointing, the rate is boosted and applied for a few months after their opening – are much more interesting. The evidence making a comparison for free on Panorabanques.
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Next to life insurance, this is not much better. The funds euros – you know, the secured means that is acclaimed by the French – are of less and less. Before income taxes, were reported in 1.8 % of the net management fee in 2016. And for 2017, their performance should decline further… the interest rate of the main component of these funds – the OAT to 10 years – the turn around of 0.85 % currently.

Result, in this low-rate environment, the 0.75 % interest rate offered by the Booklet would be almost a dream ! And the good news for the fans of this booklet regulated, with the resurgence of inflation, the interest rate should be revised upwards on August 1, 2017, to 1.25 %. What a boost to its monthly collection.

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