At LCL the advisor will be nomadic or it will be more !

Nantes had already its roman cathedral Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, Tower, Britain, not to mention the delicious Breakfast-Butter. Now, the people have a curiosity additional to discover : the agency, LCL is located on the Course of the 50 hostages ! It has been chosen to test first hand the new configuration of the group’s agencies. Agencies 2.0 centered around three main mechanisms : greeting clients in a shared space, of spaces connected and advisers nomads. Guided tour.

Bank advisor

We pay less in bank branches, it is a fact ! Evidence that these spaces are more closely associated with our uses of the bank. All of a sudden the banks in question. How to transform the agencies ? What services should they provide ? At LCL, the reflection is already entrenched as the bank has just launched a pilot agency in Nantes. A place that renews in depth the usual organisation of the group’s agencies.

In 2014, the COMPANY had already made a first attempt of transformation by going to the home says ” shared “. It was simply to remove the loaded host, the guests being welcomed in turn by the bank advisors. An attempt that was ultimately unsuccessful… This time, no measuring scoop ! The idea is to totally rethink the bank branches in LCL.
The open-space replaces the offices of record

The bank advisors do have more offices appointed. With a laptop and a headset phone wireless, they loiter in the open space and go to meet clients. The councillors thus become autonomous and nomadic, ” explains the newspaper Ouest-France David Poirrier, manager of the agency LCL driver.

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Another novelty, the agency is divided into three distinct spaces designated for :

  • A “home express” at the entrance for customers who wish to carry out only simple banking. Consultation of accounts, cash withdrawals or deposits of cheques or cash from machines and ticket vending machines
  • A place that is “cosy” exchange. It is an intermediary space where the advisors are going to meet clients. The latter can explain the reason of their coming
  • Offices “digital” for private appointments. Here, the advisors and the clients come with their computer. “A system called click and share then allows for any present on a digital screen “, one can read in the columns of Ouest-France

How to renew the banking agencies ? LCL is not the only bank to ask this question. The Crédit du Nord, Crédit Agricole, Caisse d’epargne, or BNP Paribas are trying also to optimize their agencies by making them more connected and more welcoming. That is what these banks call the bank branch ” phygitale “. That is to say to associate the physical home to digital tools.
Customers and employees made contribution

Not wishing to reproduce the failure of the shared hosting, the COMPANY wishes to involve its customers and its employees to the reflection. At Nantes, they will be interviewed to know their opinion on this new organization. A good idea because in the end it is them – the users of bank branches – that are most able to judge the quality of the service.

However, LCL wants to go fast. The group will quickly open 32 new branches on the model of nantes, in Paris in June, we learned Ouest-France. Enough to allow more customers to test out this agency banking new generation.

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