Auto insurance premium : a big difference in each region

According to the barometer of a comparator of online insurance, the premiums for auto insurance are not the same in each region of France. The region Ile-de-France turns out to be the one that offers the highest cost of all. In any case, an average of 629 euros is recognized in the top 10 cities in the country. Which is equivalent to 8.4% more compared to the other cities remaining.

The factors that play big on auto insurance premiums

As explained by the specialist insurance auto, in the establishment of their auto insurance premium, insurers rely on what they call the “claims” of the insured. It is a relationship between the damage to cover and premiums receivable.

And after the study this report is very variable from one city to another. A motorist of an area rarely visited do not incur the same risk that a motorist out of the urban area. According to the director of development and partnership Amina Walter : “motorists in the urban area are those who are victims of road traffic offences, including traffic in the city is more important…” that is why the insurance companies are forced to raise premiums.

Auto insurance premiums in each city of France

629 €, it is the average of the premiums of auto insurance in the 10 largest cities in france. We can now see a large gap of 8.4% compared to the remains of the towns in France. Interesting regions to subscribe to a auto insurance are : Brittany with a premium of 491 € per year, pays-de-la-Loire, with a premium of 511 per year, the New-Aquitaine with a premium of 518 € per year and the region of Occitania, with a premium of 533 € per year. By the way, with a premium of 657 € per year, which exceeds largely those of the remnants of 13%, the region Ile-de-France is not very favourable. But this premium increase, however, is explained by the high rate of loss of the region that confirms Amina Walter by his words.

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