Bac 2017 : the banks offer you cash…

The students are subjected to the tests of BAC 2017 since the 15th and until June 22, 2017. They are called CIC, AXA Bank or Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne, these banks have in common is to reward high school graduates by providing them with sub, once the results have fallen. What is the bank the most generous this year ? Zoom in on the bidding tray 2017, their amount and the conditions to obtain them !

Ready étudiantCertaines banks are waiting for the results of the BAC, July 05, next to communicate about the rewards that they offer to high school graduates. We will of course update this article. So don’t hesitate to come back !
Of 50 € to 160 € at AXA Bank !

You just finished the #bachistoiregeo ? Discover the premium which will motivate you for the rest of the #ferry and ???? this #bonplan !

— AXA Bank (@AXA_Banque) June 16, 2017

Reserved to the first 1,500 registrants – from 05 July 2017 – the offer of AXA Bank address to high school graduates who graduate with honors :

  • Honors : 50 €
  • Honors : 80 €
  • High honors : 160 €

Conditions to enjoy :

  • Be a major, and obtained his bachelor’s with honors in 2017
  • Open an account with AXA Bank and a savings book between the 05/07 and the 31/12
  • Fill out the online form
  • Send a photo of the transcript of the TRAY 2017 from July 05
  • Make at least 5 purchases with their card within 2 months after the 1st payment

Your premium will be paid on your booklet AXA Bank not later than within 90 days following receipt by AXA Bank of the online form along with the transcript

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Of 40 € to 160 € offered to the CIC

#Bac2017 : if you can remember it, you will not have trouble thinking of the #MentionsBacCIC. Good #BacPhysique !

— CIC – Chain-ICC (@icc), June 19, 2017

The CIC bank is back again this year to reward high school graduates as it should be ! Until September 30, 2017, the bank offers as a function of the reference :

  • Honors : 40 €
  • Honors : 80 €
  • High honors : 160 €

Graduating without a mention does not give rise to any premium in the CIC. Not serious, the essential thing is that you get ????
Conditions to win from 40 € to 160 €

  • Get a mention
  • Submit the transcript

Your premium will be paid on a passbook savings CIC in your name.
Of 15 € to 100 € to Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne

Good luck for tomorrow ! ????
Our 4 super-heroes accompany you also during the tests ►

— People’s bank ALC (@BPALC) June 14, 2017

You get it with or without mention, the Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne also offers you the money :

  • Without reference : 15 €
  • Honors : 25 €
  • Mention : 50 €
  • High honors : 100 €

Conditions to enjoy it

  • Open or hold a current account and purchase the package Affinéa with the Carte NRJ Banque Pop’ before 30/09/2017
  • Participate to the tune of €1

The premium will be paid on the account. By going to an agency Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne, you can directly retrieve the cheque.

Without too much spoiler, we can expect that BNP Paribas and hopefully other banks yet to be heard by July 05 ! This ensures the grain

Until then, good luck to all the graduates !

Neil Bensouda



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