Bank and biometrics : how do we identify tomorrow ?

Make steal their personal data, what a pain ! And especially when it comes to our account information or bank card. Problem, today the risks are not lacking. Yes, as we manage more and more of our online accounts, and as we buy more and more on the internet, we identify ourselves more often. But don’t worry, new ideas are emerging to secure these operations. And it passes mainly by the biometric authentication… our bodies becoming our username and our password. State of play of the new identification systems.

Talk to Pay, the voice authentication

Talk to Pay is a system developed by The Postal Bank – and yes, it is not only the fintechs that are innovating. It enables secure online payments. Concretely, at the time of ordering, we received a phone call asking us to pronounce a sentence of authentication. Once our identity is confirmed, Talk to Pay generates a cryptogram, single-use, and automatically fills in the payment form. Practical and above all safer ! Because if we lose our bank card, nobody will be able to use it to buy online.

When will we be able to use Talk to Pay ? This is already the case ! After 5 years of testing, The Postal Bank was launched on 6 June 2017. All clients of the bank citizens – who will pay for this service € 10 per year – can use Talk to Pay.

Biowatch, the identification due to its… veins

At the show Viva Technology organised from 15 to 17 June 2017, the participants were able to learn about Biowatch. This start-up is switzerland’s rise in 2014 has created a device that reproduces our veins. If this device is added to a card or a bracelet for example, it could replace our debit card. A little creepy don’t you think ? Why go so far ? Is this more secure than Talk to Pay ?

When will we be able to use Biowatch ? Not before 2018. The module is currently in test. By 2018, the company will experience 300 prototypes to swiss companies. But what is sure is that the technology developed by Biowatch is of interest to several French banks. The company would work today with BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole and BRED.

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United Biometrics, fingerprint authentication

Less impressive than with the veins, the identification, by fingerprint, is much more prevalent. This is one of the options the most studied. Giants like MasterCard and CB as well as a fingerprint sensor are already on the move. But we speak here of the technology proposed by United Biometrics. More interesting, because it can secure payments online and in-store.

This start-up created in 2014, Orsay (france) offers to holders of a bank card to authenticate by putting his footprint on a smartphone or a tablet. The tool of United Biometrics is very flexible. The technology can also be adapted to authenticate with the voice, the face, or by its dynamic typing – this is called biometrics behavioral.

When will we be able to use United Biometrics ? This is not for any of the following. But banks are showing interest, probably because this start-up has the support of the giant IBM. You know, the company that developed Watson, the artificial intelligence that assists the bank advisors.

CopSonic, ultrasound in the service of the identification

Here, there are no biometrics. CopSonic – another nugget met her at the salon Viva Technology – update on the ultrasound. This company was founded in 2012 in Montauban allows any speaker – your phone for example – to send a signal. You have nothing to do !

What’s the point ? CopSonic works with all smartphones and even if they are in airplane mode. This is not the case of NFC chips, the technology that allows you to pay with your mobile. The tool CopSonic could therefore be used in transactions in-store, but not only. The start-up explains the that ultrasound could also be used to authenticate ourselves to the atms. And that, that would be top ! Gone are the anguish of a thief way our secret code !

When will we be able to use CopSonic ? Hard to say. For the moment, the start-up research 2 to 4 million€ for advancing its technology. Notice to lovers ????

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In short, they are in their infancy or already on the market, these new authentication systems respond to the need to : secure our bank accounts and our means of payment. Top ! For all that, are we ready to transform a part of our body in the username and password ? It depends. To use his voice, why not ! But mapping its veins, it is still very intrusive, no ? In any case, ticket bank launches the debate ! What do you think ? What is the solution of identification would suit you more ? Meet us on the social networks (Facebook or Twitter with the @billetdebanque_) or leave us a comment just below this article. Has your keyboards !

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