Banks authorized by the CNIL to test the voice authentication

After The Postal Bank, it is the turn of the Crédit du Nord group – made up of 8 regional banks – and of BPCE – group comprised of the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’epargne – to test the biometric authentication. May 29, 2017, those banks have in fact obtained the agreement of the national Commission on informatics and liberties (CNIL), the body that oversees the use of our personal data. Result, for 1 year, up to 8 400 customers will be invited to use their voice to access their accounts remotely. Explanations.

bank of futurPrès 8 500 testers of the authentication by voice

These are the customers of Crédit du Nord, the Caisse d’epargne Lorraine Champagne Ardennes and the Caisse d’epargne Rhône Alpes, which will play the guinea pigs. It should be noted that this experiment is based on volunteerism. Only customers who have given their consent to participate in the experiment.

Concretely, for 1 year, the testers will identify themselves by their voice, by speaking a passphrase, to access their bank account, online or by phone, » said CNIL in a press release. To do this, they will use a mobile application that will collect their fingerprint, voice, or a voice server.

The testers of the Caisse d’epargne will evaluate the two devices, while those on the Credit of the North will test only the voice mail server.
What are the objectives ?

Logically enough, these tests are used to assess the reliability of the authentication by the voice. The CNIL stresses that » these experiments are opportunities to test the overall level of risk in terms of security and data privacy «.

To test the reliability, but not only… It is also to measure the interest of customers for this device and reassure them. Because, as explained in the Gerald Manzanares, director of multi channel within the group, Crédit du Nord, » The real question that arises is what is the appetite of the customers for these tools. Some question yet as to whether their recorded voice would be to falsify, but it is not because a recorded voice sees its frequency changed, it is no longer the same … «.

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You also want to connect to your space banking with your voice ? Patience, no nationwide deployment is planned for the moment. But it’s a safe bet that the use of biometrics to authenticate will happen soon… as Soon as June 2017, the customers of The Postal Bank should be able to use Talk-To-Pay – a device for voice recognition to validate a transaction.

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