Binary options, of the dream to the nightmare

In the history of binary options, if there is one thing that should not be doubted is that these are investments quite lucrative. If you follow this reasoning, you can become a potential victim of scams. Here’s how you might be fleeced.

What types of companies are affected ?

The market of binary options trading has become a trap schedules. The business of binary options trading use of guile and charm in order to attract you in their nets. This proliferation of companies in the occult is due to :

  • the lack of governmental legislation in the field of a share
  • the lack of regulation of the regulators of the stock markets

Most of them are foreign companies resident in tax havens such as Cyprus or Israel. Then, they offer possibilities of gains are humongous, and sometimes surreal and obscure the real risks of loss. Also, once they have implemented this strategy, the machine scam is set in motion and the tactics are well rehearsed.

How you get ripped off ?

The strategy of these companies binary options trading is enough for you to bait to get you to do anything they want. It all starts by taking a touch subtle on the part of a seller. With sales techniques well-prepared, it convinces you to make a deposit that the company will grow through its platform for trading binary options.

It will prompt you to do this to verify the figures of gains on the online platform. Of course, these are faked and as, it makes you believe that you will earn money. Once you are convinced of the gains made, it encourages you to invest more to earn more.

You do realize the scam when at the time of withdraw your winnings, you may nd that your losses, fictitious, of course, accumulate to the point of destroying not only your gains, but also your initial investment. You will lose everything without any possibility of refund. However, some websites such as 01 binary option continue to provide investment secure.

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