Biofuel : the Whisky, an alternative to replace petrol and diesel

At the horizon 2040, the vehicles would use neither gasoline nor diesel fuel to run their engines in France. It is in this context that the researchers are trying to find an alternative to replace these fuels which are being exhausted. Indeed, start-ups have already developed the biobutanol derived from whisky, such as Celtic Renewables. This is a start-up scotland, led by chemist Martin Tangney. It plans to commercialize its production from 2019.

The need for alternative energy

According to the latest polls, the fossil fuels begin to reach their limits for meeting the needs of consumers. By 2040, the use of fossil fuels including gasoline and diesel fuel will be banned in the French territory.

Thanks to the advances in technology, start-ups have found a green solution to replace those fossil fuels, including a particularly Celtic Renewable. She has created the biobutanol. It consists of the use of residues of the whisky. Technically, this biofuel has been produced from the graff to take the whisky in question, as well, we will have a liquid yeast of fermentation, of which the pot-alle.

Biobutanol – test : a success of the start-up of Martin Tangley

Good news for the environment of the motor vehicle ! Tests have already been carried out by the team of this start-up on a Ford Fiesta. And this has been a great success. The car has travelled without incident or technical problem. Everything worked exactly as gasoline or diesel. Clearly, it was necessary to wait for the tank of the Ford either sec.

A surplus of benefits with the biobutanol ! After you have made this a beautiful experience, the team of the start-up believes a better performance of their product compared to commercially available fuels. It seems that the product from the whisky would provide more kilometres. Among other things, of other sources of alternative energy may well be a valuable aid for consumption, such as electric cars.

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