BNP Paribas : soon the bank reference of a start-up ?

The bank for a changing world announced on Tuesday 16 may 2017 the deployment of the label ” We Are Innovation (WAI) in all the French regions this year. WAI brings together all the offers of BNP Paribas to destination for start-ups and innovative businesses. The objective of the bank : multiply by 2 – by 2020 – the number of start-up clients and become the reference bank of young shoots. Focus.

Label: We Are Innovation (WAI) – BNP ParibasLe label We Are Innovation (WAI) what is it ?

In terms of support of growth companies, BNP Paribas is not in its infancy. Everything has in fact started in 2012 with the creation of the profession of banker “start-up” and the launch of the first Poles of Innovation in the France network.

  • 2 years later – in 2014 – the bank put in place its program of linking start-ups and large companies : Innov & Connect

  • As of 2015, BNP Paribas opened two spaces of acceleration and connections in Paris and Massy Saclay – baptized WAI – to welcome and assist start-ups in the framework of the programme Innov & Connect.

In 2017, WAI will become so much more than places devoted to the reception of the start-up. The ambition of BNP Paribas is to group under this label, a set of services dedicated to start-ups.

Thus, WAI it is :

  • WAI Banking : the accompanying banking start-up by a specialist advisor
  • WAI Venture Fund and WAI Investment Fund : the investment in direct and indirect BNP Paribas in the capital of start-ups and innovative companies
  • WAI Boost : the acceleration program 6 months of cooperation with clients BNP Paribas, ETI/GE
  • WAI Lead : coaching and focused connections between start-ups and clients BNP Paribas, partners and experts
  • WAI Connect : events of connections between start-ups and SMES/ETI/GE
  • WAI International : assistance in the phase of internationalization of start-up

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Opening of 44 poles WAI by September

The deployment of the label WAI – also developed at the international level in the whole of France was accompanied by the creation of 44 poles WAI, adding to the 16 clusters of innovation already existing.

In addition, “more than 100 employees BNP Paribas will bring daily their expertise to the leaders and creators of young shoots on all the territory,” says the bank.

Self-proclaiming “1st bank start-ups” – notably contested in the Crédit Agricole and Société Générale, according to BNP Paribas indicates count 2 000 start-up clients.

The deployment of the ecosystem WAI should allow the bank to multiply this figure by 2, to achieve – by 2020 – 4 000 start-up clients.

A goal that would allow him to become – without ambiguity – the bank reference of a start-up. At least, in terms of the number of customers…

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