Booklet A : +1,30 billion d’€ in may

Since the beginning of the year, in terms of deposits on the livret A, all is well ! Swelling of 1.30 billion euros on the single month of may 2017, this booklet regulated savings will be welcomed 8,58€ billion since January, according to figures from the caisse des dépôts. Same goes for the LDDS (ex-DDL) which also records his 6th consecutive month collection positive with 260 million additional euros in may. Since January, the LDDS has earned $ 1.64 billion d’€.

Epargne371,1 billion€ of the total amount outstanding on the 2 books at the end of may 2017

After being enriched :

  • 3,27 billion d’€ in January 2017
  • 1.53 billion in February
  • To 2.10 billion in march
  • $ 1.76 billion in April
  • 1.57 billion in may

The libretto Has and the LDDS record so 10,22€ billion of net inflows cumulated over the first 5 months of the year.

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On the side of life insurance

We often face the performance of the booklet and life insurance in terms of collection. 2 investments with the advantage of providing a degree of security to investors.

There is a trend historically : when one inflates, the other is empty. In April 2017, the life insurance has recorded 400 million euros compared to 1.7 billion in April 2016… Since the beginning of the year, the life insurance has harvested 1.4 billion€ versus $ 9.4 billion€ between January and April 2016.

This dislike for the life insurance to understand on the basis of concerns induced by the Sapin law 2 the ability to block withdrawals in the event of a crisis – this means a renewed interest in the booklet A. In addition to being liquid, investment – net of taxes on income and social security taxes – would see their interest rate increase as early as August 2017.

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If this were the case, we should expect a continued maintenance of the collections monthly positive.

Neil Bensouda



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