Boursorama Bank : credit immobilier it works !

When you hear Boursorama Bank, you probably think of online banking, account and credit card free ! It is true ! But do you know the supply of credit, real estate Boursorama Bank ? Given its success, it will not be long. Hold on, every month, more than 20 000 French to carry on a simulation credit immo on the site of Boursorama Bank. They really like probably the «course 100 % online, 100 % mobile, as well as the accompaniment by expert advisors,» Boursorama Bank in a recent news release.

Boursorama Bank was the first online bank to offer housing loan. It has launched its offer in 2010, compared to 2015, for ING Direct and 2017 for Fortuneo and BforBank. And it is a success ! Loans outstanding exceed 4.5 billion euros, reveals Boursorama Bank in a press release dated may 30, 2017. Nothing that by 2016, 8 000 households have obtained their credit immo. How to bank online explains this craze ?

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A response usually immediate

Online banking requires, Boursorama Bank was – including for the real estate credit – offer an underwriting process is fast and transparent. It’s done ! As soon as the survey is completed, the user obtains directly a number of proposals for funding (rates, insurance and monthly payment are specified). Please note that you will get that credit only if the supporting documents sent to confirm the information you have provided during the simulation.

Boursorama Bank was not the monopoly of the immediacy of the response. BforBank, ING Direct and Fortuneo do also.
Attractive rates ?

Side fees, Boursorama Bank does not charge any fees – just like Fortuneo and BforBank. It also does not require the domiciliation of income. And on the personal contribution, it must at least cover the notary fees and the guaranteed Housing loan. Quite nice !

We come to the nerve of the war : the rate and conditions of loan. Boursorama Bank promises to » rates among the lowest in the market «. Is this true ? Compare Boursorama Bank to other banks online.

Profile : 2 borrowers of 33 and 35 years, winning 4 500 € per month to 2. They want to borrow 200 000 € over 20 years.

The coupon rate is fixed (excluding insurance) Monthly payment (excluding insurance) Amount Duration 1,55 % 970 approximately € 200 000 € 20 years 1,62 % 976 approximately € 200 000 € 20 years 1,55 % 970 approximately € 200 000 € 20 years and 1.65 % 979 approximately € 200 000 € 20 years old /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use «#supsystic-table-308» as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-308 { … } #supsystic-table-308 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-308 tbody tr { … } */
The simulations have been carried out on the site of the online banks on June 14, 2017. It comes to monthly payments indicative, which does not constitute an offer of loan.

On paper, the promise is, therefore, apparently held. The proposed rates – non-insurance borrower – are rather competitive !

Compare real estate credit

On you can do a free comparison of real estate loans. You will get the list of banks ready to finance your project.

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Credit immo zero paper

The simulation in the acceptance of the application, 90 % of the clients of Boursorama Bank do not use any paper to get their real estate credit. This is possible thanks to the choice of a route simplified and dematerialized. Indeed, «once his / her request and then signed electronically, [the user] to download or photograph supporting documents directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer,» explains Boursorama Bank.

No need to print his contract and return it signed by mail. It is faster and above all more eco friendly ???? And all the online banks do not offer a subscription scratch paper. For example, BforBank requires to send by mail the supporting documents.

According to a recent survey Odoxa LinXea for The Echos, 3 French out of 10 are willing to take their credit immo in an online bank such as Boursorama Bank. And you, it tempts you ?

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