Business customers : what banks have your favors ?

Believe the Agricultural Credit largely dominates the market of professional clients. Then come to the Banques Populaires, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel and the CIC. A situation that could quickly change if we take into account the recent government’s willingness to parachuter The Postal Bank to the rank of ” bank of most small businesses.” And if you think of the new players that come on the market of professional clients of Boursorama Bank Qonto, passing by Anytime, Ibanfirst or Monaize – it is said that a true revolution is not only possible but desirable, having regard to the price of the traditional players…

Share of business customers in the traditional banks

The business paper states that not content to be the ” main bank for 21 % of the professionals for their daily business “, the Crédit Agricole is also the principal banker of the ” 22% of them for their daily lives, personal “.

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Group BPCE, which includes banque populaire and Caisses d’epargne – picks up on him between 20 % and 22 % of the pros.

The Postal Bank which is not the principal banker of the professionals, on the other hand, one of autoentrepreneurs. And this is without counting continues – on the “mission of financing the SMALL business, which has recently been entrusted by the public authorities” .

Finally, if the Society in General may seem to be lagging behind on this market compared to other traditional banks, the journal notes that it has ” recently launched banking agencies specifically dedicated to the customer pro “, just to ” catch up “.

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The offensive of Boursorama Bank-to destination for pro customers

Since the January 12, 2017, Boursorama Banque is the only online bank in France to offer to business customers – in this case the individual entrepreneur and autoentrepreneurs – an offer dedicated.

The offers pro of Boursorama Bank – in the form of a package including a current account, a credit card, a cheque book, a passbook pro, overdraft, insurance, means of payment and as a management tool for budget – costs € 9 per month, or 108 € per year.

Knowing that for the same services and products, the banking package pro in the traditional banks can reach 300 €…

But the costs in banking institutions traditional are they really cost-prohibitive ? Not necessarily after who believes that ” the TPE’s are more in demand of tips or tools that will make their lives easier. As many services – if they are well designed and truly useful – that corporate customers will accept without doubt pay… “

Compare the bank offerings for professionals

Do you have a better idea of the prices and services of bank offerings for professionals in the comparing – free – on Panorabanques !

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Anytime, Qonto, Ibanfirst, Monaize : tools tailored to TPE

And this is precisely where the new players… Anytime, Qonto, Ibanfirst or Monaize have designed packages for corporate customers – SMES, very SMALL businesses and self-employed – not only less expensive, but also more adapted to the needs of small structures.

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Especially agile, these neo-banks that offer for the time of professional solutions is still fairly basic and developed for a given target, promise all to deliver new features very (very) quickly and expand as a result their target. And frankly, we believe them.

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