Cashing cheques with their smartphone soon as possible to the Agricultural Credit

As early as the summer of 2017, the Credit Agricole is expected to offer its customers a new mobile service enabling them to collect their cheque from their smartphone. Forget the long queues at the counter of the bank branch, Credit Agricole is right in step with the Caisse d’epargne Rhône-Alpes, BforBank, or even the Macif. Has this difference that the customers of Farm Credit will have their account credited for the amount of the cheque the same day to download the image in the app » My bank «. Decryption.

Discount chèqueLa check presentation on mobile : how it works ?

In practical terms, to cash a check – we said – the client of the Crédit Agricole will soon not have to :

  • Take a photo of his cheque
  • Then download it in the application «My bank» Credit Agricole

The information on the cheque (amount, account to debit, etc) will be automatically detected by the app.

Cashing cheque Credit Agricole –

The client will then have to :

  • Verify the accuracy of information automatically collected and confirm
  • Then sign the back of his cheque and send it by mail to the bank specifies that it is not useful to emancipate the letter containing the cheque…
Revolution or not ?

It is called Digi Cheque to the Macif, Cheq’ Scan to the Caisse d’epargne Rhône-Alpes or B-Check at BforBank, the same system of check presentation lives in the cloud already exists.

But while in these banks, the amount of the cheque will only be credited upon receipt thereof by the institution, the new service of the Crédit Agricole allows its customers to save time… and avoid potential overdraft fees.

The value date, withholding in the Agricultural Credit for the cashing of the cheque is the day to download the image – and not that of the day of the receipt of the check physical by the bank. Thus, the novelty introduced by the Crédit Agricole is one of a collection of a cheque remotely in real-time when the other banks offering the service often foreshadow a period of collection extended to several days compared to a deposit of cheque at a branch.

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To encourage its customers to use cheques-a good idea ?

Often regarded as a means of payment archaic, the cheque is disparaged by the finance bodies of the country. Not later than the 24 may last, the Bank of France published a pamphlet entitled «Pay other than by cheque, this is possible» – inviting the French to prefer the bank transfer and the SEPA direct debit.

By offering a service, the effect of which would be to modernize – or even restore – the cheque, the Credit Agricole nagerait it against the current ?

Not really if one takes the figures from the Bank of France resumed by In Europe, the French are the champions of the issuing of the cheque with 7 cheques on 10 issued (69.4 per cent). In France, more than 2 billion cheques would be signed by year.

So, in spite of the threats of disappearance, repeated each year, it would seem that this means of payment clings !

What do you think ? Are you for or against the disappearance of the cheque ? And what do you think of the solutions that allow you to cash more quickly ?

Neil Bensouda



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