CB : farewell secret code, hello fingerprint !

It may well be that as soon as 2018, the secret code 4-digits – needed to complete a transaction by credit card – to be replaced by the reading of your fingerprint ! This innovation is signed OT-Morpho – the French specialist in the identification and digital security – and has been presented at the Salon Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen. Consumers, banks, but also governments should take advantage of this “1st full range of biometric payment cards in the world,” announced OT-Morpho. To enter in the future, it is here !

CB biometric OT-MorphoCarte banking biometric : how it works ?

A, a fingerprint sensor is inserted into a card payment, ” says OT-Morpho. Two, a template of your fingerprint is securely stored in the chip of the card. Of the three, an algorithm developed by OW-Morpho allows – at the time of the transaction – check that there is a match between the two.

In other words, once your CB inserted in a payment terminal, you will need to validate your purchase and put your finger over the sensor footprint. And miracle of technology that recognizes the fingerprint as well and yours, the transaction is concluded !

Your fingerprint can be stored on the card thanks to an app developed by OT-Morpho – accurate LeParisien.fr – the bank is for you ! At the time of receiving your card with a pin code for you, you will also receive a document containing a QR Code that allows you to download the app on your smartphone.

You then simply continues the day – put your card on your phone and then your finger on. Your fingerprint is registered through the app !

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In addition to strengthening the security of payments – unlike a passcode, a fingerprint will not disregard a priori – card biometric would help ” to make payments without contact above the threshold of NFC payment “.

Today fixed at € 20 and soon to be 30 €, this threshold of NFC payment allows you to validate a transaction without inserting their card into the payment terminal.

Compatible with the contactless payment, the card’s biometric OT-Morpho allows its holder to “accept a payment simply by putting his finger” and thus to transcend the limits of 20 – almost 30 – euros.

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In addition, OT-Morpho indicates that these cards used by banks as a factor of differentiation, may help to ” increase the loyalty of their customers “. Finally, these cards would also be of interest to the governments, which could ” distribute social benefits by being sure to reach only citizens are eligible (and still alive) “.

Already tested in South Africa with MasterCard, the range of CB biometric OT-Morpho should be tested in particular in France at the end of 2017, for a marketing likely in 2018… Then, you are ready to use your fingerprint to pay ?

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