Checklist of holiday 2017 : have you thought at all with your bank?

Here’s the summer, finally summer… The time off is taken, the destination is found, the holidays are approaching… that all goes well under the sun, you still need to check a few things with your banker. You will of course take your credit card − the payment method most convenient on vacation – but have you taken all the necessary precautions ? Don’t panic, bank-note guide you.

Prior to departure

It may seem obvious, but make sure that you have a CB international. Otherwise, the withdrawals and payments by card abroad will not be possible. In the same way, check the expiry date of your credit card. Have a card to be outdated, then you just exit the airport, you have to admit that it is a bit annoying…

If this is not always done, you’ll also be inspired to sign your CB ! In some countries, the chip in your card is not recognized, it is your signature that the merchant uses to validate the transaction. If your CB has none, it will be difficult to compare.
Tell your bank advisor

By excess of zeal, or as a precaution, it happens that your banker, seeing transactions “abnormal” on your bank account (for withdrawals in Bali when you live in Clermont-Ferrand, for example) blocks your CB. Forgetting that you, too, you can sometimes change of air, he immediately think of the fraudulent use and said that the best way to protect yourself is to block you any possibility of payment…

Council banknote

As you can decently not blame him, do to prevent it upstream. No need to go to the agency to do so, a little bit of wire will suffice and will keep you out of inconvenience !

Increase your credit card limits

Enjoy this call, and ask him to increase your limits withdrawals by card and payment as well as to do. We know little indeed, but our ceilings for an atm withdrawal and our ceilings payment by card are different. Getting stuck in its payments abroad, it is painful. Some Tweeters (well, almost all of us) have made the experience unpleasant :

The shot of the CB is frozen to the stranger I had ever had and right there it becomes cumbersome. ????

— Bea (@Bea_Bessiere) November 9, 2015

To have their card blocked abroad : ????

— THE GIRL WHO (@lameufqui) April 12, 2015

Council banknote

If you have a CB top of the range, you benefit in general from higher ceilings. But, again, ask your banker !

Also, be aware that more and more banks allow you to edit it yourself from your personal space online or from the app – the ceilings of your credit card. This is particularly the case at Crédit Agricole, the Société Générale, at BNP Paribas and in the area of online banking (Boursorama Bank Fortuneo, BforBank, etc.).

Ask your banker about your destination

It is not a matter of ask him what the weather is where you go nor if it is a good choice, but rather to know if your bank has partner banks in the countries you will visit. You can then make withdrawals that the distributors of these banks and avoid paying fees or reduce them !

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During your stay
Avoid to multiply the withdrawals at overseas distributor

If in the euro zone, your withdrawals are free of charge or entail the same costs as in France, outside the euro zone, this is not the case. So you will want to wait to charge sometimes heavy ! For example, the Company’s General charge you the withdrawal 3 € + 2,70 % of the amount withdrawn* (outside the euro zone). It makes you think doesn’t it ?

Council banknote

Try to withdraw a large sum of money to avoid the back-and-forth to the distributor and the costs for which they are suited. To the extent possible, for small amounts, choose the payment card to withdrawals.

Without too much abuse on the payment card is not more

Far from us the idea to teach you how to manage your budget ! No, rather, it is to take account of the commissions fixed and proportional, and the exchange rate ! Yes, your card payments are also charged to the foreign (non euro zone), but less than the withdrawals ! To return to the example of the Société Générale, the bank charges a 1 € + 2,7 % of the amount paid* payments in excess of €10.

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Don’t forget the insurance and assistance included in your CB !

Few people know this but our CB include insurance and assistance services that may be more useful abroad. Thus, all of the CB offer :

  • The guaranteed death/disability
  • The repatriation medical
  • The support of your children in case of hospitalization
  • Legal assistance
  • The travel expenses of a relative in case of hospitalization
  • The accommodation costs of the family

Depending on the range of your CB, these guarantees are more or less extended. With a high-end card, you also benefit from the liability insurance, the loss and theft of baggage, cancellation/interruption of the trip.
And also

This is not because we went to the air head that he must forget all the good habits that we have (normally) at home :

  • Avoid giving your CB to a merchant, to follow him or wait with his TPE
  • At the atm, enter your secret code safe from prying eyes

Have a good trip !

*Expenses recognized in the June 19, 2017

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