Consumed in moderation; the red wines are good for the health !

If it is a product of the earth which accompanies the history of humanity ever since, with a connotation benefit, it is the wine and especially red wine. Noah himself was palpating over the dive bottle, and we all know what age… patriarchal man has reached !

Everyone knows vaguely that red wine is beneficial. But nobody really knows where he fits into this belief. And our time being what it is… no one will dare nothing to advance without the approval of the science !

Consult with the analysis.

Chemically, wine is an alcohol as the other. It contains the famous molecule of ethanol, which characterizes the alcoholic beverages and sees himself doomed to the gibbet by all ministers of health (and even others).


We cannot, however, summarize the wine to the single molecule responsible for the intoxication. The red wine, drink, simple and natural, and is, paradoxically, a cocktail of hundreds of chemicals. In addition to the fermentation of the sugars, which produces alcohol, all phases of the winemaking and maturation enrich the wine of multiple acids and aromas ; molecules are formed, including the famous polyphenols.


The chemical structure of polyphenols and their ability to prevent the formation of free radicals as aggressive to the cells of the body : these are antioxidants. As such, they protect the walls of blood vessels, reduce their permeability and have a favourable effect on the cholesterol levels.


Without getting into a discussion too technical, you should also know that :


Red wine contains twice as much polyphenols as white wine or rosé wine.

The tannin, the red color of the wine, is due to delphinidines, molecules polyphenol type flavonoid considered by the Inserm as beneficial.

Resveratrol, a polyphenol not a flavonoid, was appointed by the past, such as the element “health” of the wine.

Finally, according to recent studies, procyanidins have antioxidant properties and vasodilator much superior to those of other polyphenols ; however, many red wines are a thousand times richer in procyanidins than resveratrol.

Although in terms of scholars and a little barbaric, the science therefore supports the gourmet : red wine is good for health !


Proof ? Here is a twenty year, an observation : the people in the South West of France, well known for their food disgustingly saturated fats and their strong consumption of wine, have rates of cholesterol surprisingly low and less than half of myocardial infarction in the United States. After everything is analyzed, force was to admit the benefits of red wine on the cardiovascular system. This is the very official ” French Paradox “…


Soon, we will be back to tell you more about the benefits of red wine, and so our red wine of Provence, The Maurines !

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