Consumer prices : decline in the month of July 2017

Good news to households ! Consumer prices declined in the month of July 2017. The figures have shown a percentage of 0.3% on the month, while year on year it has seen an increase of 0.7 %, the same increase recorded in the month of June last. This price drop is affecting multiple sectors, and the reasons are many.

Explanations of the decline in consumer prices in the month of July

The decline in consumer prices in July is mainly due to the increase in manufactured products such as clothing, shoes or accessories holiday.

The summer sales are also contributing to the decrease in the percentage. Moreover, with the high consumption of fuel and other, the price decrease also in the energy sector. In this summer period, especially in the month of July, households tend to consume more compared to the other months. And it is this high demand, which contributes significantly to the reduction of the price to the consumer.

The sectors affected by the price drop

Several sectors are affected by this price drop. Each summer season, especially in the month of July, the clothing sector recorded a sharp decline in prices. There is also the travel goods, and household goods in the textile industry. The sector of photography, greatly in demand in this period, also drops its prices to be competitive. In addition, there is also the reduction in the cost of medical products.

However, even if the price of the consumption is declining for these several sectors, it is clear that this is not a generalized. There are prices that are in upward trend during the same month. We speak to each other of the prices of transport by air. There are also tariffs for accommodation summer and the restoration.

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