Consumption of households : the balance sheet for the third quarter

After a slight decline of the economic growth in the country especially in the month of June last, and the beginning of the third quarter is more promising than ever. The indicator of the Insee was able to show an increase from 0.5% in the second quarter to 0.7% in the month of July. All this is due to a net increase in the domestic consumption of households in several sectors. Moreover, the government’s forecast Macron has announced rather well vis-à-vis such new.

Household consumption : an increase in view

Good news ! In the month of July last, a net increase of the economic growth in French was seen with a rate of 0.5%. According to the analysis conducted by the national institute of statistics, the third quarter is more prosperous in terms of GDP up to 0.7%.

The indicators are rather positive up to now and will in the proper sense of the term, with the objective put in place by the French government and the current one. The latter intends to advance 1.6% in the gross domestic Product of France each year. In fact, it is mainly the consumption expenditure of households, which has boosted the French economy lately.

Household consumption : the sectors that are most popular

Everything is going well in france in particular in the area of household consumption. The month of July has been good to buy or renew its home appliances thanks to the various discounts. C e fact, the purchases of households are concentrated in household appliances and the textile industry an increase of 1.2% compared to the month of June. The purchase of clothing predominates, therefore, with 3.1%. The same goes for the food products at 0.8% against 0.5% in. However, the use of energy such as fuel oil or the Super unleaded has fallen. This explains a drop of 0.5%.

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