Consumption : the establishment of a citation for the use of cannabis in France

Already widespread in several countries in the Americas, the cannabis use seems to contribute to the increase of consumption, and therefore of the economy. This is the State of Colorado and Washington and Uruguay. Only the legalization of cannabis is recreational, and personnel. It is especially in this light that the study of the Inhesj and the OFDT named «Cannalex» has been developed with the aim of putting in place a system of regulation of the use of this substance.

Cannabis : large-scale increase of the consumption

According to the studies conducted by the national Institute of higher studies of security and justice and to the French Observatory of drugs and drug addiction, it is indeed evident that the use of cannabis in a country would contribute to an exponential progression of the consumption. But, the hospitalization rate would increase at the same time.

In effect, which differs from the mode of consumption, it is only in Colorado and in the State of Washington, young people under 25 years of age are less involved in this practice, unlike in the case of Uruguay. Moreover, an increase of the collected fees corresponding to the use of this substance is identified in those countries. This would help to stimulate other economic aggregates such as the reduction of unemployment.

The measures taken by France

Compared to the study conducted by Ivana Obradovic, deputy director of the OFDT and the co-author, legalizing the use of cannabis elicits a real public debate especially in France, taking into account the experiences of States that have already embarked on this journey.

This month of may, an intention to put in place a measure to regulate the use of cannabis was initiated by the minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb. Because of this, a ticket would be operational in the coming months. The fine amounted at this time in the 3500 euros and one year imprisonment in the case of the use or possession of cannabis.

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