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Make an appointment with a broker, up a folder, deliver it to the banks and get loan offers, it may take several weeks. To shorten this period, Immoprêt will as early as this summer to allow its customers to mount a custom folder in 60 minutes. The broker will then contact immediately the bank. Focus.

broker credit immobilierEn 1h your folder is put together and ready to be sent

By this time the terms of borrowing are rather favorable ! Despite a slight rise, interest rates remain very attractive – an average of 1.57 % in June, excluding insurance. And you benefit from it ! You are, in fact, many want you to launch a real estate project. As a result, the banks are overwhelmed and the time to obtain to get a proposal ready are longer and longer.

In this context, the broker Immoprêt wishes to accelerate the procedure. How ? This summer, it will deploy in its network of agencies, the credit immo-express. What does it consist of ?

  • You make an appointment with the broker
  • You bring the necessary supporting documents (payslips, tax notices, identification documents, sale agreement etc)
  • Then, in 30 minutes tops, you will be offered an indicative budget for your home loan
  • Better, in 60 minutes, it will tell you if your project is fundable. If yes, your file will be immediately transmitted to the banks

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How much will it cost ?

“Between 750 and 1 000 euros per loan, which ultimately boils down to 1.50 to 2 euros per month for a credit on fifteen or twenty years,” explains Ulrich Maurel, founder of Immoprêt, in the columns of the In comparison, fees charged by brokers amounting in general to 1 % of the loan amount, according to the figures set out in march 2017 by The So it’s rather competitive !

A priori Immoprêt is the first to offer such a service. But if you’re satisfied with another broker, please do not hesitate to share it with us ! In bank-note, we love the good plans ????

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