Credit immo : 1,57 % in June 2017 which is an increase anecdotal

According to figures released by the Observatory Credit Housing/CSA on the month of June 2017, the rate of property loans amounted to 1.57 % in average of all durations combined, excluding the cost of insurance. This gives us a (very) slight increase of 0.01 point compared to may 2017. The same increase exactly as the one observed between April and may 2017.

Credits immobiliersDes average loans 1.60% over 20 years

In June 2017, the rates of all durations combined, amounted to 1.58 % in average on the market of the old and 1.60% on the market of the nine. The average duration of loans reached about 216 months, compared to 213 in may.

Depending on the duration of the loan, average loans recorded are :

  • Was 1.41 % for a fixed rate loan over 15 years
  • 1,60% for a fixed rate loan over 20 years
  • 1.88% for a fixed rate loan over 25 years

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Thus, the interest rate increase ” is slowing “, according to the Observatory, and looks, he says, ” to those of the summers of 2013 and 2015, both by its magnitude and by its length “.

What drives the Observatory to view ” no impact on the solvency of the demand “. But, another criterion taken into account, that of the ” rapid rise in real estate prices, which weigh more and more heavily on a demand weakens “.

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In this regard, the broker Empruntis noted in June 2017 as the rate of change of the rise in real estate prices, although very different between the cities – resulted in an increase in the price per m2 of 656 € to Paris, from 17 € to Montpellier, from January 2017.

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