Credit immo : €750/month for 60 m2 in Toulouse and 2 474 € to Paris…

You know, without a doubt, from one city to the other in France, the prices of real estate vary from the simple to the triple. For the same area living in Montpellier and in Paris, you will not be paying the same thing. Even so, this price difference is it anecdotal or on the contrary particularly significant ? The broker Empruntis answers us.

Loan offers immoÉvolutions of the price of the immo + rate increase, credit = huge disparities in the cities

Empruntis has calculated the power to purchase real estate in 11 cities – corresponding to the largest French cities – June 2017 January 2017.

The idea is to know what monthly payments, it was possible to become owner of a 30, 60 or even 90 m2 this month compared to the month of January last. 2 criteria must be analyzed: – we said to the broker :

  • The rate of credit immo : whose rising – on – between January and June 2017, an increase of 10 cents in all regions for the loans over 20 years
  • The price of real estate : in which the rise – very practical – can be observed in the 11 cities studied, but with a rate of change different. Specifically to Paris, the price per m2 has jumped from 656 € from 17 € to Montpellier…

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Consequence : if the ” monthly budget of households is increasing on the set of the 11 cities, some of which have seen their monthly payments skyrocket “.

The 1st example quoted by the broker is – naturally – that of Paris, which recorded an increase of monthly +9.2% between January and June. Almost as much for Bordeaux with a +8.5% increase over the same period.

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The increase in the monthly payment in these 2 communes are to be linked, specifies the broker :

  • the increase in the price of real estate to 89 %
  • to the increase in bank rates to 11 %

In June of 90 m2 in Lille, equivalent to 60 m2 in Nice

Thus, m2 to be equivalent, the buyers will have to pay :

  • 1.4 times more to Bordeaux than Marseille
  • 3.5 times more in Paris than in Marseille

And Empruntis to add that for an apartment of 90 m2 in Lille, a borrower can not afford that ” 1 ” is 60 m2 in Nice…

In terms of monthly payments, for a 60 m2, it is necessary to count :

  • Of 698 € to Marseille
  • 750 € in Toulouse
  • 2 474 € to Paris

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