Credit immo of 1.56 % of the average rate in may

The rise in rates on mortgages is it already over ? It is possible ! In may 2017, you will have borrowed at an average of 1.56 % (excluding insurance), according to the Observatory Credit Housing / CSA published the 7th of last June, or just 0.01 point more than in April 2017.

Real estate credit To the stagnation of the rate of real estate lending ?

According to the Observatory Credit Housing / CSA, » the strongest increase was found in February last, and since the increases are only of a small magnitude. In may, the rate increase was so negligible (1 basis point) «. Started in November 2016, the rise in bond yields in real estate seems to already be losing steam.

Better, for the loans over 20 years, the rates have declined in may. Well over 20 years, households have borrowed to 1.60 % on average in may 2017, compared to 1,62 % in April. On more than 25 years, the decrease is more significant : 1.87% in may, compared to the 1.90 % in April.

Result, » households of the younger or the more modest, low-intake staff, who benefit from this drop in rates «, noted the Observatory, these individuals before amortize their loan over a long time.

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The interest rates are not the sole determinant in the choice to borrow

According to a survey Odoxa LinXea* for The Echos, 72% of the French are not going to speed up their project because of a » possible rate hikes of credit real estate «. And for good reason, the rate back a bit, but they remain very attractive. They are in particular well below the threshold deemed prohibitive – 3,40 % according to the respondents.

In addition, the interest rate is not the sole determinant in the choice of becoming the owner. In fact, for an overwhelming majority of the French, the estate is a «long term savings» (76 % of respondents) and/or a «way to prepare for his retirement» (73 %). In other words, the purchase of a dwelling is therefore experienced as a life project, a protection against the decline in the standard of living in retirement.

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Borrow from a bank online : 3 French out of 10 are in favour

Thus, according to the survey, 28 % of French people could subscribe to a housing loan at Boursorama Bank, ING Direct, Fortuneo, or BforBank. 3 % of the respondents have already taken the plunge.

After having seduced the French with their current account, low-cost, on-line banks would be-she going to convince them with the real estate credit ? Possible. But there is still a way to go, since at present 69 % of the French prefer to still borrow from a traditional bank.

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In the meantime, if you need a real estate loan, please do not hesitate to perform a simulation on the websites of online banks. It is simple, rather quick and without commitment, and you will have an answer of principle. Not bad for having at least a first estimate of your borrowing capacity !

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*Survey conducted with a sample of French people interviewed by Internet on may 31 and June 1, 2017. Sample of 989 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over.



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