Credit immo : what are the charges to negotiate in exchange for the domiciliation of income ?

You announced at the beginning of April, the order was published on June 3, 2017. From 1 January 2018, in return for a real estate loan, a bank may require that you domiciliiez your income in it for 10 years. Only constraint to the establishment, you do a “benefit class” with clearly specified in the loan offer. Result, this law has a priori binding can become a real boon for you, borrowers. How ? If you get to negotiate the major counterparties to the domiciliation of your income. But what are the costs to negotiate ? Focus.

Real estate credit

Concretely, as early as January 1, 2018, the bank may impose on you to run for 10 years, your income. That is to say, pay each and every month your income in an account opened in this bank. But in exchange, it will give you discounts, benefits important. Enjoy !

The order from the beginning of June does finally comes that clarify and frame a practice rather widespread in the banks : to ask you to domicile your income to obtain a real estate loan.
Negotiate your borrowing terms

Then of course, the idea of negotiating its rate of interest comes immediately in mind. And it is a good idea ! A difference of 0.2 or 0.3 percentage point can really reduce your monthly payment and save you money on the cost of your credit. Especially if you opt for a credit long-term, on 17, 20 or 25 years !

Also, remember to ask for a discount on your fees. These are charged at around € 1,000. There is no small savings !

Don’t forget the insurance-borrower. When your application for a loan, it’s a safe bet that your bank advisor will inspire you to choose the insurance borrower of the bank. Be aware that the insurance marketed by the bank groups are generally more expensive than those of the specialist brokers. But there is also a margin of negotiation. How ? Going to look at what was proposed in the insurers. Then, go back to your banker with offers that are more interesting. You bet so that it will adjust the cost of insurance borrower ????

Compare real estate credit

Before you purchase, it is essential to compare real estate loans ! Made-the free and in only a few minutes on Panorabanques !

I compare

Negotiate bank fees

You are going to do for 10 years with this bank for your main bank. So much to ensure that bank charges remain measured ! Before you sign your loan, negotiate as a discount on the membership fee to your credit card on the account maintenance fees and/or on the price of your package. Some even get the refund of the excess fees of overdraft (commissions intervention, agios and/or information letters).

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In summary, be OFFENSIVE ! Do not restrict the negotiation to the conditions of borrowing. Negotiate your bank fees. In fact, at least to redeem your mortgage, you may remain in this bank for 10 years. It would be a shame to have saved 900 € on file fees to your credit real estate and to pay over € 200 in bank fees per year, you do not find ????

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