Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France : new tariff on 1 July 2017

Surprise, Surprise ! This year, Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France will change the rates for its banking products, not September 1st, but the 1st of July. In the program, mainly the increase in the price of bank cards. How do we know ? Simply because it has decrypted for you the new pack of the Mutual Credit ! Here are the main lessons.

Bank charges You are customers of the Crédit Mutuel Ile de France if your agency is located in one of the following departments : Paris (75), Seine et Marne (77), Yvelines (78), Essonne (91), Hauts de Seine (92), Seine Saint Denis (93) Val de Marne (94) Val d’oise (95).
Focus on the price of the main banking products and services, Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France
Products Prices of the Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France at 1 July 2017 Rates of Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France to September 1, 2016 Evolution account maintenance Charges /year 24,00 € 24,00 € 0 % Transfer casual agency 3,50 € 3,50 € 0 % Visa Electron /year 30,00 € 29,00 € 3 % Visa Classic or MasterCard debit /year 40,00 € 38,00 € 5 % Visa Classic or MasterCard deferred debit /year 46,20 € 46,20 € 0 % Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard immediate debit or deferred /year 130,00 € 129,00 € 1 % Visa Infinite debit or deferred /year 325,00 € 325,00 € 0 % World Elite MasterCard debit or deferred / year 270,00 € 263,00 € 3 % Withdrawals moved the distributor box € 1 € from the 5th withdrawal 1 € from the 5th withdrawal 0 % Insurance of means of payment /year 26,00 € 26,00 € 0 % Subscription bank distance /year 12,00 € 12,00 € 0 % SMS alerts /sms 0,20 € 0,20 € 0 % /* Here you can add custom CSS for the current table */ /* Lean more about CSS: */ /* To prevent the use of styles to other tables use “#supsystic-table-311” as a basis selector for example: #supsystic-table-311 { … } #supsystic-table-311 tbody { … } #supsystic-table-311 tbody tr { … } */
The above rates are valid for off-offers youth and out-of Eurocompte, the package of the Crédit Mutuel.

As indicated in the introduction, relating to the banking products of daily life, only the contributions of the bank cards operate. Thus, with the exception of the Visa Classic deferred debit, MasterCard deferred debit and Visa Infinite, all will take from 1 to 7 € per year.

Tickets losers : the Visa Classic and MasterCard debit World Elite MasterCard, the subscription bank at a distance and withdrawals moved

  • + 5 % for a conventional card debit

Thus, from 1 July 2017, the Visa Classic and MasterCard debit cost 2 € more per year to customers of the Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France. Their annual fee will be in effect from 38 € to 40 €. Bad news because these cards are the most common. Nearly half of the French one. But overlook this a little bit higher… 40 € corresponding finally to the average price of a classical CB to debit in France.

The price of the Visa Classic and MasterCard deferred debit does not increase. But, there is no reason to pay 46,20 € per year for one of these CB, it is very expensive ! On average, they are charged 43 euros per year.

  • + 3 % for the World Elite MasterCard

The annual membership fee of the World Elite MasterCard will be in effect from 263 to 270 €. It should be noted that Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France, to benefit from a card with high range at the best price, it is better to still opt for the World Elite. The Visa Infinite is charged 325 € per year, which is 55 € more.

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  • 12 € per year for the subscription bank at a distance

Even if the price of CMUT Direct –the subscription allows to make transfers to external line – will not increase, we give away a ticket loser to this product. Why ? Because it is charged 1 € per month or 12 € per year. It is exceptional and abusive ! By 2017, about 80 % of the banks do not charge more this tool will become indispensable for managing its bank accounts.

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Your bank charges you a subscription to manage your accounts remotely ? This is probably evidence that your bank’s practice of high tariffs and that you should change. To find your new bank, please visit Panorabanques !

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  • 4 withdrawals moved free per month for the high-end cards and very high-end

While most banks do not pay withdrawals moved to the card holders, top of the range or very high-end, the Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France, si ! In excess of 4 withdrawals per month, in dispensers outside the Crédit Mutuel and CIC, customers who have a Visa Premier, Gold MasterCard, a Visa Infinite or World Elite pay 1 € per additional withdrawal.

Ticket winner : the map to a permission

So yes, the price of the MasterCard Online and the Visa Online – maps to the permission distributed by the Crédit Mutuel – will increase from 1 €, from 29 to 30 € per year. But don’t panic, it’s still very affordable ! Recently, it has been calculated that these CB were billed on average 32 € per year.

Good news, therefore, knowing that these cards are aimed primarily at young people and the most modest !

The diagnosis banknote

In summary, the Crédit Mutuel Ile-de-France does not change eventually, that little brochure tariff. Regarding the banking products-current, only certain cards will see their price increase. But what is CB, since it is including credit cards conventional debit. Do you rejoice so not too fast ! Because, in the image of the subscription to drive his remote accounts, the Crédit Mutuel Ile de France is sometimes higher prices than other banks. You have been warned !

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