Credit pro Company General : forget the agency!

Société Générale is now offering its customers artisans, traders, businesses and the professions to realize their demand for credit professional of an entirely cloud-based ! In order to ensure ” greater flexibility and transparency in their banking relationship “, the switch to the agency is no longer required. Explanations.

Loan professional Company GénéraleDes loan contracts pro are sent in 72 hours by email

“We are strengthening our digital services to bring more autonomy to our customers. Perform a process of appropriation can be perceived as complex by some corporate customers. With this new solution, we set a brake by giving them more simplicity in their relationship with the Bank “, one can read in the press release of the Company General.

And in effect, this credit is often considered to be time-consuming and particularly long by the professional customers. It is, therefore, to contradict this idea that the Société Générale decided to offer ” for its corporate clients – more palatable to the tools of digital banking – to go further in realizing their online credit application from their internet space on “.

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With the promise of the absence of ” time constraint or appointment in the agency “, the Society in General thinks that the blending of the process of applying for and obtaining credit pro online may allow him to fulfill his ambitious goal : to conquer 200 000 new business customers by 2020.

Concretely, the absence of time constraint manifests itself through ” contracts sent out within 72 hours by e-mail “. Without the bank’s say so clearly in its press release, it implies that a firm response funding will be issued very quickly, if not immediately. Anything to compete with offers the platforms for crowdlending, which often promise of definitive answers in 48 hours, With this advantage for the Society in General that it is not useful to wait until the end of the exercise for the release of funds…

Compare credit offers professional

You want to compete with crowdfunding platforms and the banks for the financing of your professional project ? On Panorabanques, you can compare free offers from these different players and find the contract that meets your needs !

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A disbursement in 48 h

For more information on the amount of the credit and its repayment period of, it must necessarily identify the address It is only at this point that the amount of the envelope for credit will be returned to you.

The contracts are then sent out in 72 hours by e-mail, and the bank undertakes to unblock the funds in 48 hours, “to receive, by mail, of the contract signed” ! No passage in the agency !

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