Credit rate real estate : the balance of the month of September 2017

The lower credit rate, such is what we can sum up the real estate market for the month of September 2017. Though many feared the end of this decline in the beginning of the year, they can now take a big breath. The decline has been recorded in the beginning of this year, is still today a topical. In fact, the trend is still present despite a slight increase if we compare the situation with that of the previous year. Anyway, the borrowers may still have the smile to the mouth because the market is always right.

The rates will calm down after the summer

If during the period of the summer of 2017, the credit rate of real estate have slightly risen, this is no longer the case at present. In fact, since the month of September, the rates have started to take a slight decline. And yet in October, the situation remains stable. The rate decreased by 0.10% in a span of a few months, a figure that is especially valid for the loans over the long term. In fact, for a 20 year loan, the borrower will be able to enjoy an average decline of 1.74% on the rate of its real estate credit.

Borrow from the bank, a good way to begin in property investment

With an attractive interest rate, investors can start with ease in the acquisition of a property, without the constraint of money, nor time. But in the circumstances, it is advised that you choose the term of your loan, which could have an impact on the cost of your credit. A broker may be able to help you to find the best compromise with the bank.

Anyway, the rate is still profitable currently to making an investment decision. Only a difference of +0.25% report to 2016 is recognized for this year.

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