Credit real estate is it losing its luster ?

The French have been won over by the real estate market since they have had the power to enact their desires. A nice surge in commodity prices has, therefore, been identified, but experts have expressed a number of concerns. The pace could slow in the coming months due to tax reforms that have turned the daily lives of taxpayers.

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Today, consumers are less reluctant to the idea of taking action, they subscribe to more easily be able to loans, since the rates are low. The financial impact is no longer as high, it is interesting to realize an acquisition or a construction without the impasse on the insurance real estate credit. This last is essential since it gives you the opportunity to borrow money safely without being hit by the inconvenience. In addition, the Internet comes to your rescue, because it is possible to subscribe directly on-line, focusing on a form.

A slowdown is identified on the credit market and real estate

Your insurance is dedicated to the real estate credit is therefore found quickly through a comparator, it is also an ideal method to achieve maximum savings. It would be a good idea to dwell on this market, because the experts feel that the euphoria may come to an end. The year 2017 has already been marked by a mild increase in rates, but the cake seems to fall back. It should be noted that a substantial increase of 6 % has been identified in only a year, according to statistics provided by the Bank of France. Thus, they are € 210 billion, which have been passed, which shows that the sector has known a very strong.

The monthly amounts have been almost divided by two

However, a slowdown is non-negligible has been observed in particular at the level of volumes for lending. Because of this, the French have a tendency to reduce the amount to be borrowed, as it has been divided by two. Recent studies tell us that the monthly sum is increased from 30.3 billion euros to 15.1 billion euros during the month of August. The situation seems to be the same for the renegotiations, which show a slight decrease plan. The real estate professionals are trying to find explanations for this situation, the latter would be in line with new tax provisions. The French are in a position to wait, because they do not yet know the consequences of these reforms.

The tax reforms are now weighing on the market of the real estate credit

It will no doubt wait until next year to find out if the trend will be the same or if it will pick up a little color. In all cases, the investments in the pierre are happy for the taxpayers, especially if they dégainent a device tax. The French government has, for example, had the leisure to extend the law Pinel for four additional years since the tax reduction promised is the height of all expectations. The device had already been the subject of a report with François Hollande since the success was as strong as ever.

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