Customers of Farm Credit : Apple Pay must be earned !

Blackmail or a simple exchange of pleasantries ? By an update of its app «My Bank» may 22, 2017, the Credit Agricole suggests to its customers that it has a bearing on the launch of the mobile payment solution Apple Pay in the notes to 5 stars collected on its app home. Focus.

An original way to deploy Apple Pay

Crédit Agricole took advantage of the launch – Monday 22 may – the version 11.0.1 of its app My Bank to make a point about Apple Pay and its future deployment to its clients holders of an iPhone last generation.

Even if the phrase «it May be that a massive outpouring of notes to 5 stars could allow your desires become a reality ?» appears to conclude anything, it’s a safe bet that – good grades or not – Apple Pay will indeed be launched by the Agricultural Credit before the end of the year.

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Apple Pay highly anticipated by the customers of the Crédit Agricole

As evidenced by the many tweets, the clients of Crédit Agricole expect Apple Pay with great anticipation :

@CreditAgricole Was when APPLE PAY at credit agricole ?

— Gu Wn △ (@Ibraa_Hiim) may 18, 2017

@Credit_Agricole Paylib… But of course ! That is #ApplePay as I want !

— Olivier Castets (@olivier35) may 17, 2017

Well, it’s not the whole picture but are still waiting with despair #ApplePay at Credit Agricole.. no sign of life unfortunately.. ????

— Val ✏️ (@VaL_Le_Blond) may 4, 2017

@Credit_Agricole Hello,
And during this time, still no #ApplePay
Maybe he is going to have to think about it.
Thank you!

— Jeremy  (@jeremy_titi) may 2, 2017

Are you going to play the game ? You are a customer of Farm Credit and you intend to give 5 stars to the app for My Bank on the App Store ? Or, on the contrary, you do not support the blackmail ? ???? Leave us your opinion by posting a comment right under the article !

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