Ditto Prize winner, RB Innovation 2017

And the winner is… Ditto Bank ! On September 20, 2017, this néobanque dedicated to the globetrotters won the 3rd edition of the Prize RB Innovation organized by the Magazine Bank in partnership with the French banking Federation (FBF). How Ditto is innovative ? Focus.

Ditto price RB innovationQu’is the Price Review Bank Innovation ?

Each year, for 3 years, professionals from the banking, finance and insurance, as well as students in these sectors – are invited to select among a dozen of fintechs that they considered most innovative.

For this 3rd edition, the voters have had two months – from 13 July to 12 September 2017 – to decide between the 10 start-up the following :

  • Bruno – the chatbot that helps you to save
  • Grisbee – the coach financial that democratizes wealth management
  • Fundvisory – which sells white-label robo-advisors to professionals of the sector
  • Ditto Bank – the néobanque that allows you to open several current accounts in the currency of your choice and save on the exchange fees
  • Max – the assistant financial staff in the process of becoming a néobanque
  • Mooncard – the payment card smart for business
  • Neuroprofiler – who has developed an algorithm to assess the profile of the investors
  • Otherwise – the insurance collaborative and scratch paper
  • Qonto – low cost for small businesses, freelancers, SMES, entrepreneurs etc)
  • Stratumn technology – the blockchain to secure the exchange of data

Ditto wins the contest !

M-Barbat-Layani DG @FBFFrance presented the award to #RBInnovation 2017 @DittoBank https://t.co/FrYGcXe9f4 pic.twitter.com/rat1ik9JdJ

— FBF (@FBFFrance) September 20, 2017

And so it is Ditto who won the most votes. This is probably the practical side, the general public, and new to this néobanque that made the difference. In effect, this fintech founded in 2015 » is the first bank digital French designed for people who live in between several foreign currencies in everyday life «, one can read in the statement from the FEDERATION announcing the winner.

In fact, Ditto Bank is a néobanque that allows you – for a fee of 9.90 € per month – open multiple accounts in the currency of your choice. Their opening is done in a few minutes from your phone. All the accounts are linked to one and the same credit card. It is a «real» card that allows you to pay and withdraw anywhere in the world and without charge. Feed his accounts is also very simple – just buy currency from the app – and inexpensive. Ditto levies a margin foreign exchange that does not exceed 1 %.

The offer of Ditto you are interested in ? Please know that we have dedicated an article to the various solutions which allow to make savings on currency transactions, please do not hesitate to consult it !

To the director-general of the FEDERATION, Marie-Anne Barbat-Layanie, this price is a » real springboard for the winners. Ditto Bank is, therefore, a fintech to follow !

Marie-Eve F



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