Drought : the growers are in distress on the Côte d’azur

For a good time, the drought has completely disoriented the farmers in the Côte d’azur. The owners of olive trees today are forced to begin to harvest the olives, whereas the latter should not even have the maturity required by the market at this time. It is an early crop which will weigh on production in particular, that of the months to come. But, the impact of this plague differs from one region to another in terms of performance. Moreover, it is obvious that the production is generally down compared to previous years.

An unsatisfactory performance in the Côte d’azur

With a rain less generous, the olive trees have had a hard time to wait until 15 November to bring its fruits. Nothing goes in the oléicultures. The harvest is much too early to start it while it is today one of the obligations of its passionate culture of olive and its benefits. Besides, the fruits have already shown their face. They are more mature than ever before, but not in all the region.

For Emmanuel, one of the growers of Peymeinade, the performance is good. It takes less olives to produce one liter of oil. More precisely, instead of using 6 to 7 kg of olives per liter, now 4 kg only enough. By contrast, in the Mees Olivier Cosquer complained of the decline in performance. Unlike his compatriot, he must have two olive trees for the production of one liter of olive oil.

General decline of the production

The drought has severely affected the olive groves in the French Riviera. Some trees have not even had flowers. The heat wave has not spared. In addition, the harvest will continue for the month of April. The olives could be depleted as early as December this year. This will cause a consequent decrease of the production, including a decline ranging from 40% to 50% in average.

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