‘epargne solidaire : the French do it !

Year by year, the savings is gaining ground ! In 2016, you have invested $ 1.3 billion additional euros after 1.5 billion in 2015, according to the annual barometer Finansol / Cross published on 22 may 2017. As a result, at 31 December 2016, the savings products to finance utility projects environmental and social house 9,76 billion euro ! This is 15.5% more than in 2015. But, in spite of this strong collection, the savings remains marginal in France. Focus.

booklet solidaireL’salary savings by boosting the savings

«This year again, the various indicators of the social finance growth rates were very positive. The ever increasing number of French to give meaning to their savings and enables the overall outstandings tu 10 billion euros. » says Sophie des Mazery, directrice de Finansol.

Among the wide range of investments available, it is the savings of wage solidarity, which was particularly the wind in its sails ! Its stock rose 19.4 % in 2016 ! Result, to 6.2 billion euros, it represents 63 % of the savings total (9,76 billion).

Then come the savings bank of solidarity (3.06 billion euros), as do the books of sharing – and the savings collected by solidarity-based ventures (€502 million).

What is the savings ?

The sums deposited on of savings products – booklets, life insurance and other funds – are used to fund various activities such as the development of organic agriculture, the support to clean energy or the fight against bad-housing. According to the barometer, in 2016, more than 280 million euros have been invested to support these types of projects.

Finansol also clarifies that the savings made it possible to «create» or «to consolidate» 49 000 jobs and the relocation of an additional 5,500 people.

For all that, the savings is just a drop of water in the ocean of the savings products. It only represents 0.21% of the total household savings… The objective being to Finansol, quickly get 1 %. To achieve this, the association has in particular the conversion of the LDD in LDD in solidarity.

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