Financial guarantee for a real estate agent : how to choose ?

The Hoguet law is a law that regulates the functioning of the real estate agents. It has been especially created to maintain the interests of their clients. The financial guarantee, as it covers estate agents during the exercise of their activity. It proves the reliability of those who hold it, so that clients can entrust their real estate.


What really is the role of a financial guarantee for a real estate agent ?

Hold a financial guarantee is for a real estate agent, the more a duty than a choice. When you engage in this business and that you offer your services to clients in order to manage for them their property, their funds and their real estate values, they expect to have assurance of not losing everything the day where you will be in a critical situation. Many insurance professionals as Galian offer this type of service.

To cover the activity of the real estate agent, the collateral must be greater than or equal to the amount of funds held by the agent. The fund must pay on a dedicated account. This situation mainly concerns the real estate agents who hold the funds of their clients. The other hand, the real estate agent must keep an account detailed of the different payments that it receives.

Click on this link if you want to have more information concerning your obligations as a real estate agent. You choose insurance as a real estate agent. It must take care to repay his clients in the case where it is facing financial difficulties or in the case where it stops definitively its activity.

This deposit, as financial collateral for a real estate agent is subject to a condition. It only takes effect during the three days following a notice of closure or cessation of activity and lease management. Customers are, however, informed of the situation by registered letter and through a press release published in the local press.


The essential points to take into account regarding the financial guarantee

A financial guarantee is not made that to ensure the customers of the real estate agent. The latter can also choose between such and such a guarantee in relation to the benefits that it provides. It is somehow a zero-sum game where everyone can be a win-win.

It is necessary to know how to choose a financial guarantee, which offers a legal protection, a guarantee against the theft and abuse of confidence, coverage RC Pro, etc in Short, it is necessary that the financial guarantee real estate is the most complete and the most beneficial. Read this article to get more details on this type of guarantee.

It is necessary to know how to select offers that add value to the business while promoting the image of the agency, by providing free training courses or one-off audits, and many other benefits that can participate in the positive development of the real estate agent throughout his career.

In order to retain customers and increase the reputation, real estate agents can also provide offers to their customers to make sales agreement without having recourse to the services of a notary public. All of this can be grouped in the system of the financial guarantee for a real estate agent. For its part, the real estate agent has the possibility to change the amount of the guarantee based on the value of funds provided by its customers.

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