Have you met Bruno ?

No, we’re not going to talk to you about the film by Larry Charles released in 2009 or our God of the Olympus local. The Bruno in question here is a personal assistant – based on an artificial intelligence – which aims to help you manage your budget. How ? By helping you to save money. Where ? On Facebook Messenger ! When ? Currently in private beta, the service will be fully operational in September 2017. Focus.

Bruno – virtual assistant on MessengerBruno calculates the small amounts that you can put aside

Presented as ” a banker of a new kind “, Bruno’s mission is to analyze the state of your bank accounts in order to provide you with the amount of money to save. These amounts are established according to your situation and your spending recent – are supposed to be ” painless “.

You say “painless” because the idea is not to put you to discovered. The virtual assistant ensures that you can afford to put aside such-and-such a sum.

If you want, these small amounts can even be directly transferred to your account Bruno for that you won’t be tempted to spend it. The funds in this account can of course be removed at any time.

Available 24h/24 and 7j/7, Bruno gives you the ability to monitor all of your accounts in 1 blink of an eye and at any time on Messenger.

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How it works Bruno ?

Completely free, the service from Bruno works as follows :

  • You need to connect to your bank
  • Bruno will then analyse your data bank
  • He then sends you back suggestions for savings
  • It offers you to transfer the amounts determined to your account Bruno

Bruno reassures on its site : Facebook does not have access to your banking data. The social network is simply used to communicate and verify your identity.

The launch of Bruno is scheduled for September 2017. But, for the moment, you can register your email address and request an invitation.

What are the solutions to save money without thinking about it ?

If the start-up Bruno was founded in September 2016, this is because ” currently, 1 French on 2 does not manage to save € 50 per month “, said Florent Robert – co-founder of Bruno – in the drafting of Frenchweb.fr.

Likely, a reality, as in the market economies as suggested, it’s beginning to be a little world.

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Thus, the pioneers in this field, the banks have implemented options for automatic transfers from a current account to a savings account. Some institutions – in the image of LCL or Monabanq – have also developed solutions for ” saving rounded “. In other words, the card spending are “rounded” to the higher euro, the surplus being transferred over to a savings book.

On this concept of saving to rounding players, non-banking were launched : one can in particular quote BirdyCent and Piggou. Thanks to these two apps, the savings on the rounded are hosted respectively on a piggy bank and digital on account of cantonment.

To save money, soon to be a child’s play ?

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