Home insurance : how is the coverage in case of burglary during the summer ?

It is clear that in France the majority of burglaries take place between the months of June and August. In this period, the housing units are vacant, and the criminals take the opportunity to make their act of evil. The national Observatory of delinquency and criminal response or ONDRP has revealed a statistic, as 75% of burglaries take place in the summer season. To address this, we are asking the question : «at what point the insurance may cover the damage ? «.

The use of an insurance » homeowners «

Insurance coverage are diverse. And home insurance does not escape this rule. In order to be able to take advantage of a warranty in case of theft or burglary in your home, it will already have to subscribe to a multi-risk household insurance. This type of contract provides an optimal coverage to your accommodation. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you’ll enjoy comprehensive warranties to fit your needs. The items covered include damage to property, civil liability private life «, and the civil liability of the insured.

But where an insurance «homeowners» can you cover ?

The insurance «homeowners» is certainly an insurance that takes care of all the elements to cover in your house, but however, there are limits to respect. In practice, it would be necessary to file a complaint within 24 hours after the discovery of the loss. Then, it will be necessary to send a statement to his insurer by registered letter within two working days. As many conditions to meet in order to hope for a refund from the insurance. Then, in the event of a burglary during the vacation period, the insurer shows a little more demanding than usual.

Already, you are in the obligation to advise your insurance of your departure. To this end, systems of protection and strengthening of the security of your house must be installed. Failing this, the insurer may discharge all or a portion of coverage with respect to your home.

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