Increase of rates of the banks in 2018

In Europe, the number of banks is growing, new schools settle a little everywhere, the new services do not fail to attract more customers. The banks lines open its doors with new amenities. Despite this, the traditional banks decided always to increase some of their costs of operation in 2018. This is especially the account maintenance fees, and various rates of the use of bank cards according to their types, which are affected by this increase. On their side, the charges on the other services have not been spared by the banks, but the increase is still moderate.

An increase following the use of the account

Those who frequently use their account will have a higher low on the account maintenance fee, while those who do not put their account in the movement or to use but very rarely will have the highest increases. This is sort of a penalty for customers who only put their account dormant for more than a year.

On one side, it is a marketing strategy to retain existing customers of the banks, but it can also encourage them to activate their account. Given that these establishments offer new products, they increase the cost of the older products to launch the new. But on the other hand, it is an increase like all the others.

Increase in the other institutions

As for the tariff of the bank cards, a few institutions have decided to increase their tariff relating to the use of credit cards to debit, i.e. the banque postale and the caisse d’épargne and the banques populaires Val de France. Other services such as money transfer on the savings account from one bank to another will also meet a certain increase. In any case, apart from the banks physical, other financial institutions also have to apply this increase from next year.

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